White Shirt Monday: Knightress of the Rose

•September 29, 2014 • 1 Comment

erraught_ZEIT40.14[We will heartily buy into that headline. Repeatedly. - Featured in the OpernSpezial of ZEIT 40/14 (p.67): Tara Erraught in Munich]

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White Shirt Monday: Wir bleiben Troy

•September 8, 2014 • 18 Comments

troyanos ludwig RK[Well, Ms.Ludwig, who would not be smiling at THAT? - Tatiana Troyanos (Octavian) and Christa Ludwig (Marschallin) towards the end of Act I in Strauss' "Rosenkavalier", Salzburg 1969. - Photo Credit: Willi Schuh (ed.). Der Rosenkavalier. Fassungen, Filmszenarium, Briefe. Frankfurt/M.: Fischer 1971, illustr. 45.]

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White Shirt Wednesday: Ties That Bind

•August 20, 2014 • 10 Comments

AN_TROV-slzb_forster1[Have a guess: what is wrong with this picture? - Anna Netrebko during a performance of Verdi's "Il Trovatore", Salzburg 2014. - Photo Credit: Salzburger Festspiele/Forster]

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White Shirt Monday: We’ll Always Have Vienna

•August 11, 2014 • 24 Comments

RKDD_SI_DS_13["No! Let's Get Back To Bed, Boy is a horrible, horrible song!" - True, perhaps, but one cannot argue with the point it makes. Add the sideburns, tux stripes and attitude (can I have  a stanza for that stance?!), and we've got a Princess W. with royal self-control on our hands. Soile Isokoski (Marschallin) and Daniela Sindram (Octavian) in Strauss' "Rosenkavalier", Dresden 2013. - Photo Credit: Matthias Creutziger / Semperoper Dresden]

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White Shirt Monday: The Mothership

•August 4, 2014 • 21 Comments

Rosenkavalier_Koch_Stoyanova_c_Monika_Rittershaus-slzbrg14[White Shirts in violet leather as an anniversary gift? - Sophie Koch (Octavian) and Krassimira Stoyanova (Marschallin) in Strauss' "Rosenkavalier", Salzburg 2014. - Photo Credit: the one and only Monika Rittershaus for Salzburger Festspiele]

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White Shirt Monday: Dapper Edition

•July 28, 2014 • 23 Comments


[That's a White Shirt. No sh*t, Sherlock. - Tuva Semmingsen as Rosmira in Handel's "Partenope", Copenhagen 2009]

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White Shirt Monday: Uptied

•July 7, 2014 • 2 Comments

haveman loy vepres[If there is anyone who can be trusted to find a way to put a woman into suit and tie even in the most unlikeliest of operas, it is Cristof Loy, the White Shirt patron saint among the stage directors. Point in question: Barbara Haveman as Hélène in Verdi's difficult "Les vêpres siciliennes" (an intriguing reading throughout), Amsterdam 2010.]

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