Up, Up And Away With Iris

[Things you find on YT while listening to all the “Hence Iris, hence away” takes on offer: the 1999 ENO variant of the popular Royals version by Robert Carsen, starring Susan Bickley (Juno) and Janis Kelly (Iris). – Clip with thanks to Dig Deeper]

YT also has the entire thing. Yes, that is Sarah Connolly as Ino.

(Juno should elope with Iris. To Boston.)


Sound and Clouds and Thunder (3)

[Current mood: Vivica Genaux. – clip with thank to Chaîne de wienerfr]

If you need a soundtrack for Strutting With Purpose While Fuming In Rightful Indignation, look no further (and if you need a reason to get to that state, just spend five minutes on Twitter over cabinet nominations in the U.S. or intimidation during vote recounts or the many conflicts of interest that, even though called out, get the Cassandra treatment).

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Rosenkavaliering tonight

Bildschirmfoto 2016-12-06 um 18.10.47.png

On tonight at 8.15 p.m., UTC+1: Kasper Holten, Renée Fleming and Margaret Reynolds (Yes, that Margaret Reynolds. – Quick, you have two more hours to read “Ruggerio’s Deceptions, Cherubino’s Distractions”) talk about the new “Rosenkavalier” at ROH. The livestream will be accessible here.

(in a cumbersome twist of fate, I will be held up at another event and will not be able to watch, so please let me know what transpires, or if this might make it to YT on demand)