Sound and Clouds and Thunder (35)

[Women banding together (also, wearing armor) and getting sh*t done, including caring for each other across class ranks and providing for the next generation: sign me up. Jessye Norman (Sieglinde) with “O hehrstes Wunder” from Wagner’s “Die Walküre”, New York/Met 1989. – Clip with thanks to jaason53]

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White Shirt Monday: Mezzo on the Bounty

[How to make every military movie more interesting: cast a mezzo in uniform in the lead. Caution: count on personal Nelson moment: Tancredi Trafalgar. – Daniela Barcellona (Tancredi) in Rossini’s “Tancredi”, Valencia 2017. – in-house Clip with thanks to Dillon Hayes, through a hint from Agathe]


Sound and Clouds and Thunder (34)

[In time for summer festival season, French contraltos at French Summer festivals. Delphine Galou with “Venti, turbini” from Handel’s “Rinaldo”, Festival Polignac 2012. – Clips with thanks to the wonderful Gudrun74]

Arm my arms against those who have hurt me.

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