Dans l’âme

[It seems all we are doing these days is singing songs of loss: I know I cannot keep up with marking the atrocities happening (or this would be a blog with daily news on Syrian air raids), but I commented upon Paris. I commented on Brussels. I commented on Orlando. So of course I will comment on Istanbul. And an on how aghast I am at the lack of  coverage in Western European media. This is right next door, and there should be no coverage amount doled out by faith preference. – Jordi Savall, members of Hesperion XXI and musician from a variety of faiths playing “Üskdara” at the 2012 Léonie Sonnings Prize in Copenhagen, 2012. – Clip with thanks to Nick Rasmussen]

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White Shirt Monday: Camp Calisto

Calisto Camp Darmstadt.png

[That elusive spot where the performance is simply fabulous, and gender matters only relatively, and sex not at all: Staatstheater Darmstadt’s current junior production of Cavalli’s “La Calisto” has an aim to rival Cupid’s there.
So… who’s who? Who’s what? …and why does it even matter? – If I deduced correctly: Penelope Mason (Satirino), Theodore Browne (Pane) and David Hong (Silvano) camping it up in the woods in in Cavalli’s “La Calisto”, Darmstadt 2016.]

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Ich bin der EU abhanden gekommen…

[Mahler, Rückert-Lieder. “Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen”, sung by Alice Coote with the Radio Filharmonisch Orkest, conducted by Ingo Metzmacher, Amsterdam 2007. – clip with thanks to Tim Fletcher. — For the whole Rückert Lieder, try the very current version from last week, June 18th, from the Concertgebow, Alice Coote and the Nederlands Philharmonisch Orkest under Marc Albrecht.]

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Video Alert/Mezzo Alert: Herheim’s “Pique Dame”


[The Eisenstein morning frock from “Fledermaus”, this time not worn by a tenor (and what if Alfred had been a mezzo?). Bonus points for the necktie. Anna Goryachova (Polina) in Stefan Herheim’s reading of Tchaikovsky’s “Pique Dame”, Amsterdam 2016.]

Timely reminder that ARTE Concert (and The Opera Platform) are livestreaming “Pique Dame” tonight, June 21st, at 6.55 p.m. (GMT+2). Mariss Janssons conducts.

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