Liveblogging: Handel’s “Trionfo” from Aix on Thursday

Who’s up for joining the dysfunctional family dinner? – Sara Mingardo (Disinganno), Sabine Devieilhe (Bellezza), Franco Fagioli (Piacere) and Michael Spyres (Tempo) are on the menu in Handel’s “Il trionfo del tempo e del disinganno”, as staged by Kristof Warlikowski. Emmanuelle Haïm conducts Le Concert d’Astrée, Aix-en-Provence 2016. –  Photo Credit: Pascal Victor/Arctomat]

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White Shirt Monday: Trajectories

Reasons to smile this summer, or “appropriate reaction in case Vitellia is trying to get into your pants”: Dorothea Maria Marx (Vitellia) and Mareike Morr (Sesto) in the Tobias Ribitzki staging of Mozart’s “La clemenza di Tito” for Staatstheater Hannover, Hannover 2016.]

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White Skirt Wednesday: Enchanted Islands


[Is it too soon to start counting backwards? It’s exactly three more months until Vienna Staatsoper will unpack their “Alcina” again (not this staging, though, which may be a good thing, if I am interested in my continued survival), once more with Marc Minkowski at the helm of Les Musiciens du Louve and a Greek-rooted soprano in the lead (this time, it’s the other one). – Today in “things that would likely have given me a heart attack had I seen them, so I guess I should be happy that I didn’t, but I’m not, really”: Myrtò Papatanasiu (Alcina) in Handel’s “Alcina” in the legendary Wieler/Morabito staging, Stuttgart 2011. – Photo Credit: A.T. Schaefer/Staatsoper Stuttgart]

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Giacomo Arbate: The Hunt for Legato Game (pt. 2)


…the name’s Arbate. Giacomo Arbate.

[For everyone in need of some silly fun: Bond references meet the Brussels “Mitridate”. Proceed at your own risk. – This is pt. 2 of 3, the first installment can be found here]

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