From Anik’s Kitchen: A Sunny Bowl Of Pasta

Something to whip up on rainy days (and on sunny ones, too): a simple (simple as in: what’s in the fridge and done in 15 minutes?) bowl of pasta with vegetables in a cream and white wine sauce, since, as has been recently pointed out to me again, the philosophy of my cooking amounts to “most things will improve with a little cream and liquor”.

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White Shirt Monday: Irmgard, the Roses!

Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-22 um 11.37.21.png

[Wake up and smell the coffee roses! It’s Monday! And probably my favorite poster from the photo exhibition in the Gustav-Mahler-Saal at Vienna Staatsoper: stills from the first “Rosenkavalier” given in the rebuilt house after WWII. – Hilde Gueden (Sophie), Irmgard Seefried (Octavian) and Maria Reining (Marschallin) in Strauss’ “Rosenkavalier”, Vienna 1955.]

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Minding “Mitridate”: 3 1/2 weeks

[Completely uncasual reminder that in 3 1/2 weeks, we’ll hold a Brussels “Mitridate” stream-blogging event (likely, on May 25th). – “Mitridate” at La Monnaie opens next week; the Monnaie’s FB page as well as the production page keep you covered with visual spoilers. I still remain hung up on the visuals above, and the fact that I really did love that height difference. – As per usual, Myrtò Papatanasiu (Sifare) and Patricia Petibon (Aspasia) in Mozart’s “Mitridate”, Paris 2016.]

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The Writing is on the Wall: “Lucio Silla” at Theater an der Wien


[Curtain Call for “Lucio Silla” at Theater an der Wien, April 27th, 2016: Chiara Skerath (Cinna), Alessandro Liberatore (Silla), Laurence Equilbey (baton and fabulous white-shirted outfit), Olga Pudova (Giunia), Franco Fagioli (Cecilio), Ilse Eerens (Celia), The Arnold Schönberg Choir, Insula Orchestra.]

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