White Skirt Wednesday: Lo sposo tuo è la mia germana

[The only setting – except for a soap opera – in which a perfectly reasonable line of dialogue is “Your husband is my sister”: a Vivaldi opera, of course.
It is also the only setting in which the thus informed heroine reacts by saying “Oh. What scheme is this – I am your sister’s lover?!” She then waits until the tenor (whom she is supposedly in love with)  runs off, to finally dedicate an aria of her own to her bi-curiosity overall doubts of whom she is attracted to, starting with, “I’m a little butterfly ambling back and forth between two flames: both seem beautiful.” – Vivaldi’s “Arsilda, regina di Ponto” (what is in the water in Ponto that has women in trousers flock to its queens, really?) as recorded by Federico Maria Sardelli with Modo Antiquo, 2007.]

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Tancredi Top Tuesday: For Reasons

[What did I say yesterday about more Tancredi? Here, have some Tancredi on your Tuesday, and keep me away from adjectives because I don’t want to upgrade my Cougar Badge to platinum in the first month already. – Teresa Iervolino with “Di tanti palpiti” from Rossini’s “Tancredi”, Brescia 2013. Clip with thanks to jovi1715)

Then again, I said more Tancredi, did I not?

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White Shirt Monday: Be-ppe-A-Lula

Bildschirmfoto 2016-08-29 um 11.55.39.png

[So… show of hands: Who of you would go home with Iervolino’s Aladdin ostracized violin virtuoso instead of the Disney Prince tenor? – Yep, that’s what I thought. And, look, there’s an entire evening of that on Culturebox to stream on demand! Teresa Iervolino (Beppe) and Alessandro Scotto di Luzio (Fritz) in Mascagni’s “L’amico Fritz”, Venice/La Fenice 2016]

Since we have been on an extended Iervolino appreciation spree for the past two weekends, let’s make that three strikes – and return to a trouser role, too (unless you’re in Dresden today, then you can catch Iervolino in skirts, opening with “Barbiere” tonight at Semperoper – tickets still available, and standing room should be open, too. It’s the not-very-challenging Asagaroff staging with the guards marching up and down and up and down the stairs until you get migraines, but I trekked to it because of a Rosina before (Kasarova!) and would do so again).

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The Toulon 2015 “Giulio Cesare” Liveblogging Thread


Welcome to the White Shirt live comment thread for Handel’s “Giulio Cesare in Egitto” from Toulon 2015, starring
Giulio Cesare: Sonia Prina *screaming*
Cleopatra: Roberta Invernizzi
Cornelia:Teresa Iervolino *screaming*
Sesto: Monica Bacelli *screaming*
Tolomeo: Daniela Pini *more ladies!*
Achilla: Riccardo Novaro
Nireno: Benedetta Mazzucato *yet more ladies! Maximum of ladies!*
Curio: Pierre Bessière.

Rinaldo Alessandrini conducts the Toulon opera orchestra, the Xena-levels-of-camp staging is by Frédéric Andrau.

The show can be found on YT in an 8-part playlist; the libretto in English, German and Italian can be found here.

Liveblogging: Handel’s “Giulio Cesare” from Toulon (2015) on Saturday

WS orgies.png

[Just in case you ever wondered what it looks like when the White Shirt crowd meets up for some snark’n’swoon liveblogging over drinks. – Sonia Prina (Cesare, centerstage) throwing a party in Handel’s “Giulio Cesare”, Toulon 2015]

The Eye Bags Summer Festival of liveblogging continues with another White Shirt event, the campy 2015 Handel “Cesare” from Toulon featuring Sonia Prina in the lead. The date is this upcoming Saturday, Aug. 27th, at 9 p.m. (UTC+2).

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Acres of Baroque Belcanto

Dear God this is just about perfect 2.png

Cancel everything, I obviously need to undertake a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. On Sept 26th, to be precise.

Can I just squeal for a moment about how utterly PERFECT this lady casting is? (my office colleage is asking whether I am in need of medical assitance. Possibly, yes.)

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