The Paris 2017 “Fantasio” Liveblogging Thread


Welcome to the White Shirt live comment thread for Offenbach’s “Fantasio” (Paris/TdC 2017), staged by Thomas Jolly and conducted by Laurent Campellone.

Cast Listing:

Fantasio – Marianne Crébassa
King of Bavaria – Franck Leguérinel
Princess Elsbeth – Marie-Eve Munger
Prince of Mantua – Sébastien Bou
Marinoni – Loïc Félix
Flamel – Alix Le Saux
Sparck – Philippe Estèphe
Facio – Enguerrand de Hys
Max – Kévin Amiel
Hartmann – Flannan Obé
Rutten/Taylor/Swiss Guard – Bruno Bayeux

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The 2017/18 Season at Théâtre du Champs-Elysées


The TCE season reveal 17/18 starts in twenty minutes!

I am abandoning all plans of a productive morning and am settling down in front of the screen with a glass of Scotch because I don’t have any French wine in the office.

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Sound and Clouds and Thunder (18)

[Reasons to smile: Ann Hallenberg singing “Già presso al termine” from Veracini’s “Adriano in Siria”. – Clip, again, with thanks to jovi1715]

Another week, another reminder that nepotism and sexism are not normal and are, in fact, largely outlawed in some happy places – even if no one speaks up. And we need to speak up. Everyone’s side job: keeping democracy safe and up and running.

And what better way to energize than with some Ann Hallenberg?

There is so much stupendous technique and so much joy (also, foxiness) and beauty in this recording that it feels like a day at a mental health spa – just take the syncopic repetition as of 4:28!

Listening to Hallenberg, to me, always comes with an added sense of something being imminently and unrefutably right with the world.
Like the world is in balance, even when it is not. Perhaps it is a general Swedish mezzo thing because I also get this with von Otter (and sometimes with Ernman, too): their singing is a compass that gives us an aural assurance of the world being able to be in sync. And for a few precious minutes, it is.

Listening to Hallenberg these days signals, to me, hope. (and anyone of us who can should be heading to Antwerp to catch her “Agrippina”)

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