The Turin “Aci” (2009) Liveblogging Thread


Welcome to the White Shirt live comment thread for Handel’s “Aci, Galatea & Polifemo” from Turin (2017), with Antonio Florio conducting and staged by Davide Livermore.

Cast List:
Sara Mingardo (Galatea)
Luisa Baldinetti (Galatea’s double)
Ruth Rosique (Aci)
Cristina Banchetti (Aci’s double)

Antonio Abete (Polifemo)
Sax Nicosia (Polifemo’s double)

Librettolibretto (1708 version): here in English and Italian, here in German and Italian.


Sound and Clouds and Thunder (48)

[Saburo Teshigawa & Rihoko Sato dancing Bach as played by Raphaël Pichon and Ensemble Pygmalion, clip via the Twitter of @_Cameralucida]

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Upcoming Liveblog: Handel’s “Aci, Galatea e Polifemo” on Sunday


[Sara Mingardo (Galatea), Luisa Baldinetti (also Galatea) in Handel’s “Aci, Galatea e Polifemo”, Turin 2009]

Another weekend, another Handel: Handel’s “Aci” on Sunday, Oct. 22nd, at 9:15 p.m. (UTC+2).

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#OperaPassion Day

Yes, it’s a rather trite title and I don’t have 8 hours on that level to spare, either, but there is apparently a walk-through of the new V&A exhibition at 1 p.m. (UTC+2), plus assorted backstage and onstage featurettes for anyone interested. And it is important that there is this kind of case made for opera, and the relauched Opera Platform (now “OperaVision“) is a vital part of hi-tech low-snob broadcasting of opera love. Program here.


White Skirt Wednesday: #DévorantLesNymphées

[Don’t fence me in, and by “in” I mean “into the closet”: Elīna Garanča (Eboli) in Verdi’s “Don Carlos”, Paris/ONP 2017.]

Casual reminder that this production will be streamed on ARTE tomorrow night.

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