CGMP (more Kasarova! More Orphée!)


(click to faint again enlarge)

*Vesselina Kasarova; rehearsal shot for the 2003 “Orphée” production in Munich. Photo by Bayerische Staatsoper, Takt Magazin 2/2003, p. 8

7 thoughts on “CGMP (more Kasarova! More Orphée!)”

  1. Noooooooooo! Do not die!!!
    I might not think what would’ve happened to you, if there wasn’t that pullover 😉


  2. Ah! You found Takt magazines at Bayerische Staatsoper website! 🙂 Did you see the Alcina issue? The cover is …er… ahem… 😉 I’m goin’ off to take a cold shower now…


  3. @Smorg: I have to admit that I even have most of the Takt issues in print. But yes, the Festspiele Ausgabe 2005 will definitely make another CGMP entry! 😉 I already have it set aside… next to the advertisement postcard I still have to scan…


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