As La Cieca reported (covering the event here and here, and with bigger and better photos), on Sept. 28th, Placido Domingo celebrated his 40th anniversary with the MET and the congratulations by soprano Patricia Racette, mezzo Susan Graham and soprano Deborah Voigt included a tuxedo appearance à la “The Three Tenors” (they did strip down to proper soprano gowns afterwards, though).

Sopranos in tuxedos are a rarity (mezzos, thankfully, a little less), but I’m not handing out any Stanwyck awards here (but to be fair: having to wear a tuxedo over a  concert dress is an extra challenge in trying to cut a striking pose).  While Racette gets queer credits for being queer, and Graham gets the credits for being a mezzo and having the height, I would  still say that Voigt cuts the best figure of the three — it may be the Marlene-ish hair and lipstick:

Overall, though… if we had to choose three female opera singers for a line-up in tuxedos, how about the following?

Kasarova. She even rocks shirtsleeves.

Sindram. Knowing how to wear a tie makes all the difference.

Schubert. She doesn’t even need a suit to rock it.

Oh, and if Marc Jacobs should ever come up with a sleeveless tuxedo model:

Ernman. And you know she could do it just as well in a concert dress.

(I doubt we will see this line-up for Domingo, though. But perhaps when Racette has her 40th MET anniversary…?)

The Three Tuxedos photo: by Ken Howard/Metropolitan Opera via La Cieca; screencaps: Kasarova: Sesto/Salzburg, Sindram: Composer/Munich, Schubert: Idamante/Meiningen, Ernman: Lichas/Aix-en-Provence

9 thoughts on “…CGMP?”

  1. God, I -LOVE- this site.

    I have become a new fan of Schubert. Right click, image saved. 😀 What an amazing build and bone-structure. Holy macaroni.


  2. @Arashi: I think I feel a tuxedo edition coming up again… 😉 And let’s see what our favorites will be up to this season!

    @Tia: glad to be of service! – There is one other post with photos of Schubert here, and a link to a few more (all from that Idomeneo – the woman seems to have dropped off the face of the earth, regrettably) around here, in the Geschwitz’s Lorgnette section, called “Mezzo Masculinity”. Just in case.


  3. I’ve had a look around and can’t seem to spot it… linky please? 😀 Still pretty new and trying to learn my way around the place!


  4. Very interesting reading… I’m a newcomer to opera, so although I had noticed that a large number of lesbians do seem to be interested in opers, I wasn’t sure why… if it allows women like you’ve posted on the stage, I can now see the draw! :-p

    Thank you for the link.


  5. Whay I forgot to say was that I was looking for something with Alice Coote but everything had to be ordered. I’ll be in Washington DC next week and there is this little independent music store next to the Lambda Rising book store in town that sells tons of classical and operatic music. I’ll be taking notes today off of some of your posts and will be looking for some cool stuff down there. I don’t know if I can afford another hobby though. Yesh!


  6. @lisadawn: ..and there goes another toaster for Alice Coote! 😉
    I’ve walked past that that music store, by the way, on my way into Lambda Rising a few years ago! (or was it HRC? I am getting old…)
    If you need any shopping suggestions sorted by “hot mezzos in pants”, just send me an email or ask around here, the commenters are always happy to help!


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