Marina/Esther – against the withdrawals XIV


“So… dinner, dancing, and then a nightcap at my place?”

“How about dinner at your place, dancing on the rooftop and you for dessert?”


Welcome to ATW XIV, with all the news from the Marina/Esther side of TdU! Right in time for Valentine’s Day, bette1985 made a theme video with some interesting couple ideas regarding Terapia d’urgenza, Hospital Central and Los Hombres de Paco, called “3 Couples – what if?” (with a warning for those who don’t like blonde Martians or prefer Maca with Esther). Also, there’s a 1×08 video compilation for Maca/Esther by yourgravity, called “Marina Esther 4”.

Also new in videos this week: a lot of clips surrounding the release of the movie “Feisbum! ResisteRete?” which also stars Alessia Barela in a very Goth look, so if that’s your kind of tea, head over here to check out the interview, kindly provided by RBcasting, in whose account you’ll also find the rest of the video material related to this film.

Uploaded by an account aptly named elisabettarocchetti, YouTube hosts (in two parts, one here and one here) as of today Elisabetta Rocchetti’s latest short movie, “Mi vuoi così?” We can’t have enough women directors who are nice enough to connect with their fans via YouTube, so hop over there and give it a shout out! And that’s not all there is to Ms. Rocchetti this week: if you want to brush up on your Italian, check out this interview recorded in Siena (thanks to Lang for the link!).

No news in photos to announce this week, but rishi06 has been busy in graphics once more and designed TdU related game cards.  Take a snicker at the King of Spades, smile at the not-so-grumpy King of Hearts, and of course our favorite ladies are also along on the gaming ride – watch out for the Robin Hoodish Jack of Hearts and, naturally, the Queen of Hearts (you get three guesses as to who it is, and two of those don’t count).

Assorted news: If you need a TdU-related smile, check out the results of the TVblog awards for best Italian series here. If a bunch of dedicated Chinese shippers has a goal, nothing will stand between them and said goal – am I right, Ladies? And of course, the Chinese board who makes such bundled efforts possible is still alive and kicking, by now on page 51. A big wave across the Ural at yohoscott and the gang!

There’s also a recent English post on TdU by Lang over at her site, a nice piece with a more international perspective that you can read here, and of course, there’s Lang’s post of today, with more “Feisbum”-Barela video footage and the usual dash of Lang-ly goodness.

The Etruria film festival has been over for a while, but I.L.A.S. over at the Italian board only recently posted her adventures at the event (Italian only, to be found here and on the following pages). Interesting for sure, and very much close up!

While we are still waiting for the next chapter of Artemia’s “Life turns”, two stories are still in progress in the fiction section over at the Italian board, and the lucky few of us who speak Chinese can read Lang’s fictional work – her episodes 9 through 13m which you can find here: 9. 10. 11. 12. & 13. – Thanks, Lang!

Marina/Esther – against the withdrawals: screenshot edition

~Valentine’s Day Special~

[all images, click to enlarge]


Saturday, February 14th. Things are quiet and under control in the Empire of Teresa the Grand, until…


Esther: “Hey, Teresa, are you sure there wasn’t a flower delivery for me? A card? …anything?”


Teresa: “I told you, dear, there’s nothing. And believe me, I would know.”

Esther: “You wouldn’t let a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates disappear if sender were a certain Dr. Ranieri, would you?”


Teresa: “Me? How can you think that?” (mhm, I hope she doesn’t find that decadent, half-empty box of truffle pralines in my drawers. It unfortunately kind of lost its label when it arrived…)


Ah, but there are love birds everywhere. Like these two!

Gandini: “So your place after shift. No pretense, no cheap pizza, no talking.”

Malosti: “Sounds good. – Anything else?”

Gandini: “I’ll be wearing Ferragamos. That’s all you need to know.”


Text message from Gandini: “…only Ferragamos.”

Malosti, this is your lucky day… if you manage not to run against the next wall with that goofy smile.


And yet more love birds! Please, and they still think I don’t know…

Sergio: “So, I, uh, organized this conference we two have to go later…”


Marina (overhearing): Those “conferences”… yeah, right. How many times did I sneak off with Vera under a pretense like that?”


Marina: “Morning, boss. Smooth move with the ‘conference’. Perhaps a little obvious, but hey… for a woman like Giulia, we’d all take a few risks, wouldn’t we?”


Sergio: “How about you take care of your own girlfriend first, hmm? There’s a very impatient and disappointed nurse prowling around the counter and making Teresa crazy…”


Marina: “Morning, dear… sorry, I forgot to tell you I started later today. So… don’t I get a good morning kiss?”

Esther: “oh please, I wouldn’t want to make you uncomfortable since you’re clearly not so much into romantic things!”


Marina: “Uuuh…” (think, Marina, think. What did you miss?)


Esther: “It’s Valentine’s Day and you didn’t even remember! I baked you heart shaped cookies and stole the general key from Rocco to leave them in your locker, and you didn’t even say thank you!”

Marina: “Those weren’t a commercial gift from the pharma reps for the cardiac pills? Darn… and wait a minute, Rocco has a key to ALL of our lockers?”

Esther: “Sniff… you don’t even care…”


Marina: “Women!”


Marina: “Look, you don’t want to tell me you’re into the whole forced, overpriced kitschy flowers-and-candy stuff just because the florist industry wants to make some money on February 14th… you don’t buy into that, right?”


Esther (sniffles): “No, never mind… it’s not important. Really, why should you be different than the others…”


Marina: “Uhm… forget I said that? Look, I never celebrated this day, so I didn’t think about… hey… where are you going?”


Marina: “Uh-oh. I think I have a problem.”


Esther: “And can you believe she simply forgot about the date? With all the roses and hearts in all the shop windows?”

Teresa: “Oh please, men never remember this…”


Teresa: “…it’s got to be a testosterone thing. Those lesbians have too much testosterone, right? It’s something that makes their brain incapable of remembering Valentine’s Day, I’m telling you. Doesn’t make a difference whether it’s a man or a lesbian. If you’re lucky, you get five minutes in the late evening after the soccer game transmission is over…”


Esther: “More like five hours, and she never watches soccer… Well, and that one night, it was definitely more than five hours…”


Teresa: “Five ho— too much information, Esther!”


“Hey, Palumbo… uhm, listen, what do you get Laura for Valentine’s Day?”


Pretty P.: “Me? Nothing. I don’t shave for three days, and she goes crazy. Simple as that. Teresa says I don’t need a gift. I AM a gift.”


Marina (grumbles) “Very helpful. – Hey, Rocco… what did you get your wife for Valentine’s Day?”


Rocco: “I bring the kids to bed, I cook her dinner… but I do that every evening I’m home. And then we try out for another Rocco jr. – Really, we’ve never needed gifts. We have all we want.”

Marina: “Darn it…”


Esther: “I just mean, it would have been our first Valentine’s Day, and she forgot it! She just walked off to start her shift! – The next thing I’ll know, she has a conference planned for the evening…”

Giulia: “If she asks you to accompany you to a conference, don’t you worry… hehe…”


Esther: “So is it normal that all my partners forget about Valentine’s day?”

Rocco: “It’s just a day, Esther. What counts is that she makes you happy, all year long.”

Esther: “But I just wanted a flower… or a card…today…”


Aldo: “I’ll take you out for Valentine’s Day, Babe.”

Esther. “Please. I’m disappointed, not desperate.” (five hours… five minutes… as if that would even be a question!)


Marina: “Hey, Valerio, what’s up? – Uh… listen, do you have any special gift ideas for Valentine’s Day?”


Valerio: “Well, when Laura was still with me and not with that badly shaven prick… I’d say striptease…”

Gandini (mutters): “I’d say Ferragamos…”

Marina: “Laura stripped for you?!”

Valerio: “No, I did the stripping. But I don’t think you’d fit into my boy briefs, if you wanted to try it. – Although, on second thought…”


Marina: “Damn. I do have boy briefs, but I don’t think that’s the way to go to make Esther feel appreciated… I need another idea, quick!”


Esther: “Can you believe that? She didn’t do anything. Not even send flowers belatedly, or try to invite me for lunch…”


Rocco: “Welcome to the club, sister.”

Teresa: “Alfi gave me a bunch of plastic roses, claiming they’d last longer. Then he asked for his coffee, and that’s the last I saw of him!”


Teresa: “You know, you should simply cut her off for a while. Make her sleep on the couch.”


Esther: “Make her sleep on the couch? Please, I want to punish her, not myself! – We’re not breaking our daily routine just because of that…”


Teresa: “Daily? Hours? – Stop bragging already. It’s unfair! –  Too. Much. Information!”


Marina: “Yes, I know calling your ex for advice is the last thing you should do, but I’m on my last leg. I need a Valentine’s gift for Esther, and I need it quickly… any ideas?”

Vera: “Well… don’t they sell teddy bears in your hospital shop?”


Marina: “Look, Giulia! – Do you think this cute fella will put me back into Esther’s good graces?”


Giulia: “If Esther were five years old, perhaps. – Really, this looks like you’ve asked a jealous ex for bad advice!”

Marina: *cough* “Of course not.” *cough* “Ehthiswasjustajokenevermindofcourseididntmeantogiveherthis…” (note to self: punch the lights out of Vera at the next conference I run into her!)


Marina: “Mrs Raimoigeratzi… Just hypothetically: what would you give your girlfriend for Valentine’s Day?”

Mrs. Raimoigeratzi: “An ex-gay therapy and a weekend with the Pope, of course!”


Marina: “Never mind.  Just forget I asked.”


Marina: “I’ll simply sleep on the couch tonight.”


Marina: “Or I could sacrifice my last shred of dignity… Uhm, hey Teresa. You know Esther pretty well, so I thought you could…”


Teresa: “It’s about damn time you thought about a nice gift for Esther. That’s no way to treat a lady, so you better come up with something special. I won’t see my Esther with anyone who neglects her!”


Marina: “It’s not that easy! – If you were my Valentine, I’d know exactly what to give you.”

Teresa: “Ah, what would that be? – Eh, I mean, I’m so not interested…”

Marina: “A pair of stilettos, nice silk stockings and a short skirt that shows off those fabulous legs you’ve got.”


Teresa: “Too. Much. Information!” (I’m not blushing. I’m so not blushing at any lesbian compliments. Think of cold water, Terry. Cold water and plastic roses!)


Marina: “You look like you’ve got some plans for tonight – What’s your secret? How did he manage to make you smile like that?”


Gandini: “It’s simple. I called the shots. And I simply do what feels best for me…”


Gandini: “…so my evening plans involve little more than a pair of Ferragamos and no talking.”

Marina: “Wowza!”


Marina: “You mean, you’ll be wearing nothing but those Ferragamos…?”

Gandini: “Well. Perhaps a smile.”


Marina: “Ferragamo catalogue… Esther wears a 38… I wear a 37… Done. Dinner delivery… done. Special bubble bath… a bottle of Dom Perignon… thank God for last minute online orders! If Esther wants romantic on Valentine’s Day, I’ll give her romantic. Every day! – Gandini is right. I’ll simply do what feels best… and pampering Esther feels definitely like the best thing anyone could do… that, and hmm… I wonder whether I can… wait…”


Esther: “Marina? – You need my help with a medical cart in the elevator? Now? – All right… *sigh*” (fine. she’s gorgeous, and usually, very attentive. So she doesn’t like Valentine’s Day. Okay. That is one flaw I can live with.)


Marina: “Hey princess. Fancy  a ride?”


…10 seconds later…


…10 minutes later… leaving the hospital.

Marina: “So… I ordered dinner. And we have champagne and bubble bath. And there is still that open bottle of massage oil… And on our way home, we’ll walk. And hold hands. And I’ll buy you every flower we come across. And if you want the stars… well, then I’ll join the NASA and get you the stars.”

Esther: “Holding hands is enough for me. I just want us to spend time together and appreciate what we have. –  Although, now that you mentioned that bottle of massage oil…”


Teresa: “Aww, aren’t they cute, walking into the night hand in hand? Really, if I give out some advice, it works! – And now for the other half of those truffle chocolates… mhmmm…”

Note: If you have any TdU fan art – music videos, icons, graphics, wallpapers, fan fiction, cartoons, character figurines folded origami style, etc. – that you would like to see included/mentioned in one of the next “Marina/Esther – Withdrawals” editions, post your links in the comments or leave me a message with “Marina/Esther” in the subject line at aniklachev [at] web [dot] de.

9 thoughts on “Marina/Esther – against the withdrawals XIV”

  1. AAAAWWWWNNN!!! I will wear a smile tonight only for Gandini’s sake!

    Thanks a lot for this wonderful Valentine’s version, Anik!!!!


  2. Llllllllllllove this edition, thank you Anik! ^^
    5 hours, hmmm I am imagining how THAT would be……
    Don’t blame Terry for wanting a little bit attention from the pediatrician, who wouldn’t, ever?! Leg compliments aside she’s got the chocolates too, lucky woman.


  3. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww that’s just adorable! Anik you know what? you should write the scripts for the second season of TdU, it would be AWESOME, lots of ratings!!
    Congrats, again!


  4. U rock Anik! Really missed these ATWs. Tks for mentioning my “Love Today” vid. I was so excited to get it out for Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, I had to remove it coz of copyright music violation. Well I’ve remade it since – 3 Couples-What If? Hope u & others like it.


  5. Splendido come al solito! Ciao Anik! Cmq non ti stai facendo sentire proprio..Aspetto una tua mail e vienimi a trovare al nuovo blog…ti aspetto con gioia e poi Alessia passa sepsso…sarebbe bello che tu le parlassi direttamente…è felice di avere una così grande sostenitrice così lontano! Un bacio. Kikka76


  6. This is just awesome. I’m definitely going to spend more time exploring you blog on Marina/Esther content. Greetings from Poland.


  7. @ _miss_frost: welcome around! We’re always delighted to meet more international fans of Marina/Esther and TdU. Enjoy your stroll!

    @kikka76: grazie per i complimenti, spero visitarti pronto al nuovo blog!

    @bette1985: I edited the post to your new link (the 3rd edition), thanks for pointing it out!


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