“Qua’ voci”: the new DGG Capuleti & Montecchi, II


…just a visual reminder that it’s out and proud available (and amazon.de only wants 22€ for it), even though there is no need for an excuse when it comes to posting images of Elīna Garanča.

Related to the release, DGG has put up a website dedicated to the recording ( including a “their voices match like two pearls from one oyster” metaphor that… well… never mind.). It comes with a gallery of images that didn’t make the cover cut, but should have.

Fine, they stole the “black pantsuit an nothing else” idea from the RCA Kasarova recording back cover, but looking at Garanča, I can’t bring myself to mind:


[Photo Credit: Deutsche Grammophon. a higher-res and bigger version is available in the above mentioned photo gallery]

And if you want an aural taste of the recording, there is the promotion video from the recording sessions that already made it onto YouTube, thanks to aitorpoter:

And just to further establish that the recording seems to appeal to lesbian tastes at large (mezzos in black pantsuits? Duh!), let me point out that it has even been mentioned in the depth of the forums over at afterellen.com. They even link to a Netrebko/Garanča version of one of this site’s favorite search terms, “Lakmé flower duet lesbian”. So if you ever dreamt of walking down to the river to pick up flowers with those two singers in a decidedly subtexty setting, you now know where to head.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to imagine what a DiDonato/Ciofi cover for “Capuleti i Montecchi” would look like. Mhmmm…

3 thoughts on ““Qua’ voci”: the new DGG Capuleti & Montecchi, II”

  1. I’ve already listened through this set, by the way. Quite good, I was surprised to hear such a good Giulietta from Netrebko. But overall it’s no match to RCA Kasarova’s set, IMHO. It just lacks something… dunno… expressiveness? Drama? Tear-jerker? %)


  2. @Smorg: thank you! I hadn’t seen them – and Parsifal links to Dognorah (By The Thames) , where there are even more photos.
    Please, some dress department Norn or Fate needs to take care of Garanča sporting short and, most of all, dark hairdos more often. I may never have gotten the Garanča mania, although I very much appreciate and admire her voice and work, but I think I just got an inkling…


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