Marina/Esther – still waiting tbc…


No, I haven’t forgotten about our favorite medical Italian lesbian couple (favorite since the possibilities to choose from are so endless. Not. – For a real life case, check out Mombian’s and Ju’s latest entry in “Family Voices International”, Pt. IV). In fact, I wanted to write a new ATW (No. 15) this past Friday, but was faced with the sad realization that there simply wasn’t enough new material to build an ATW, even though three weeks had passed since the last one.

Let’s see how things are looking this Friday! – I don’t know whether I will have the six hours spare that it takes me to write another Marina/Esther screenshot edition, but sooner or later, I hope to find the time for more of those, as well, while we wait. And wait. And wait. (Nope, we’re not going away.)

At this point, the ATWs depend not on a schedule (every week, or other week, or month), but on news and material. And as soon as RAI2 announces the new airing dates, I’m sure the hibernation phase will be over. After all, we have ten more episodes to look forward to that will need to be analyzed, discussed and turned into artwork. Much, much artwork…

7 thoughts on “Marina/Esther – still waiting tbc…”

  1. Thks for the link, didn´t know the site. On my side, I have your last ATW half translated into spanish 😦 , see if I can finish it this week, bf I start the new fic. Spring is near, let´s see if TdU comes back to screen on RAI2.


  2. The wait is taking its toll, but in my case, some work overload prevent me to take as much time as I used to write.

    Come on, Rai2, wake up and keep airing the show! 😦


  3. …at least the downtime seems to hit us all at a point where we are very busy otherwise. (on a side note: Sam, I’m counting the days until the 15th!) As soon as an airing date will be announced, the network will get rolling again, I’m sure of that. Meanwhile, we’ll keep the candle alight.


  4. the latest post on TdU offers some news on the airing schedules; new episodes can most likely be expected as of mid August (if they start to re-air in June, they will probably start over from the beginning).


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