CGMP: White Shirt Monday


[Sophie Koch as Octavian in Herbert Wernicke’s “Rosenkavalier” production (orginally staged for Salzburg 1995), restaging for Baden-Baden, January 2009. Also starring: the White Shirt. And Renée Fleming as Marschallin.]

The White Shirt, pure and simple: accessorize only with a scantily clad soprano. Or with a pair of boxer shorts.

Or with both:


[click to enlarge evidence]

And if anyone wants the whole four minute streaming promo clips (sadly, this aired back in May already, but a DVD release is entirely possible), they can be found here (first scene until breakfast interruption. Much white shirt protagonism.) and here (interviews of Fleming, Koch, Damrau & Hawlata with short production clips).

7 thoughts on “CGMP: White Shirt Monday”

  1. Does this mean a new category – Hot Mezzos (Not) in Pants?

    I’m not sure I could stomach a whole Strauss (I still haven’t got all the way through the Kasarova Der R and you know how I feel about VK!!), but I like the ‘edited highlights (boxer shorts version)’ a lot 🙂


  2. Oh and PS there’s another Mezzo in need of the Bonney Masterclass ‘Soprano Kissing for Beginners’. Come on folks you know you are being filmed, put a little enthusiasm in to it – Koch looked like a 9 year old boy being asked to kiss granny bye bye…


  3. @Barbara: thanks! I’ll be on the lookout. I really enjoy Wernicke’s staging and the use of the Pierrot mask ties it neatly back to the 1995 Calisto – I hope they will turn it into a DVD anyway.


  4. wow, tolle bühne! und, wie ein früherer fast-mitbewohner von mir sagen würde: “geile kostüme!” mag auch den harlekin (oder pierrot?). aber (darf man das sagen?): ms. koch (die mich im übrigen an die junge kyra sedgwick erinnert) reißt mir den mund etwas zu weit auf…


  5. Sorry to be OT, but I have to share. Alexandra Rawohl is a young mezzo I just found on youtube. She has excellent baroque skills, can act, and is beautiful. Is there a category for hatchling mezzos to watch?


  6. @feraoperacompany: mezzos can never be OT here! Sounds like a good entry for a “mezzo alert”! We might even have to create a hatchling category… good call!


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