3sat loves you: Guth’s da Ponte triple this weekend

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[Photo Credit: APA via Salzburger Nachrichten]

3 sat loves you …this much!

In addition to Miah Persson’s Fiordiligi (depicted above underneath the Dorabella of Isabel Leonard), this weekend also brings you a double serving of Dorothea Röschmann with a healthy side of Patricia Petibon, Christine Schäfer in a white tank top and an all-female threesome of sorts and ‘Maltman&Schrott’ in the woods for our opera queen brothers (and sisters), who’ll be mixing the Daiquris Friday through Sunday.

3sat is airing the complete Salzburg Festival  takes of opera director Claus Guth on the Mozart/da Ponte trias, starting with “Don Giovanni” (2008) on Friday 14th, followed by “Così fan tutte” (2009) on Saturday 15th, and concluding with “Le nozze di Figaro” (2006) on Sunday 16th.

The Mozart-meets-Buddenbrocks “Figaro” is the most convincing production of the three for me, as far as staging is concerned.  Also, something offering Dorothea Röschmann, Christine Schäfer and Bo Skovhus on one stage definitely gets my attention (and there’s Luca Pisaroni, and Anna Netrebko, too). I don’t even mind the soprano Cherubino in this case – in between Schäfer and the concept, it is the only logical choice.

Skovhus also appears in “Così”, next to Persson, Leonard, Petibon, Lehtipuu and Florian Bösch (OperaChic kept tabs on the eye candy). I haven’t heard Petibon live in a while, and I’m of course really, really looking forward to Miah Persson as Fiordiligi. And to Miah Persson in anything, actually.

“Don Giovanni” at the brink of death and civilization is an interesting and novel concept, and even if it weren’t for the staging  and for the singing, there are also several eye candy reasons to tune in and watch.  And did I mention Dorothea Röschmann is singing Donna Elvira? The insanely intense Christopher Maltman stars as Don Giovanni, with Erwin Schrott as his sidekick Leporello. Annette Dasch takes on Donna Anna.

All in all, a veritable soprano smörgåsbord, with a mezzo (hello, Ms. Leonard!) thrown in for good measure.

While there may not be much queer content in the libretto, there is plenty of queer-friendly subtext going on, apart from  the fact that it’s Mozart/da Ponte, which always means characters transcending borders when it comes to perception of human passions, in dimensions where gender really doesn’t matter that much anymore (and should it, really?)

There’s the obvious (“Figaro” II,3 with Röschmann, Schäfer and Netrebko) mezzo soprano in pants, the possibly implied (Maltman and Schrott and lots of unbuttoned shirts) and the sheer intensity and musicality of Dorothea Röschmann, period. And then there’s the role-playing and ‘seduction skills’ of Petibon’s Despina when it comes to the morals of Dorabella and Fiordiligi, who open the category of ear candy and freely interpretable photo stills (così fan tutti nel Melrose Place). See above.

Airing time is 8.15 p.m. (GMT+1) each, more information (and complete cast lists) can be found via 3sat.

5 thoughts on “3sat loves you: Guth’s da Ponte triple this weekend”

  1. Oh a Dorothea Röschmann fest with added ‘my favourirte Cherubino’ Christine Schäfer. Why on why don’t I get 3Sat!!

    I’ll console myself with your images. Thanks Anik!


  2. @Sam: yep, I’m not going to get any work done… and the opera queen I’m inviting over makes KILLER daiquiris. Cheers!


  3. @Julia: oh yes, Petitbon was lovely indeed – some people look better in jeans and a tank top than others look on their best ballgown.

    I took notes for a review yesterday during “Così” and hope to have it up soon. Petitbon footage included, of course.


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