Marina/Esther – sneak preview 1×18 (now with videos & dialog translations)

[Paradise: wait wait wait wait… I think you’ve got your Dante backwards!]


[this sneak preview is, in absence of BAM, based on the discussions and comments on the Italian board. There will most likely be additions and/or corrections later.  – If you want to quote these translations elsewhere, you are welcome to do so, as long as you link back to this original post and credit the creators.

A Spanish version of these transcripts can usually be found at Sam’s blog within hours of my post, a Chinese take on things a few days later over at Lang’s blog, while discussion continues on the Chinese Marina/Esther forum.

Videos embedded below.

Bea has generously offered to provide me with transcripts, so here is just a brief summary of the videos, scene by scene, to be extended later with dialogs and details:

First video:

  • The ex is back! A worried Esther is asking Vera, who seems to be the chief pediatrician for all of Milan, what will happen with Marina, Vera tells her that it’s probably just formalities.
  • Enter Marina, who drops a set of folders “File these, thanks”, into Esther’s hands, takes Vera’s arm and walks off with Vera. Marina: that was not very classy. Esther seems to think the same as she stares after the two with a mixture of fear and jealously. Teresa, watching the scene, is short of risking her eyes popping out of her head.
  • Vera is giving Marina the speech every good ex would give at this point: stop beating yourself up, stop the what ifs, you couldn’t have known this, it’s not your fault. Still, Marina remains in her bleak mood, blaming herself. Vera tells Marina that she’s there for her, clearly in more than one sense, Marina hugs her, and Vera seems to process the hug, realizing that it doesn’t taste like romance. Either way, a nice and nuances, scene. (Vera: call me if you’re over her!)
  • A baby is brought into the hospital, Marina takes the case, now overly cautious, gruff and worrying about every possibility. Esther tries to soothe the tense mood, to not much avail.
  • Marina trying to calm the crying baby. Esther enters, Marina asks for the test results. Of course, it’s nothing grave, a slight medication overdose. Marina takes her bad mood out on Esther, and orders her to look for Vera, to make sure the baby is all right. Esther walks off, hurt by the attitude.
  • Vera tells Marina not to worry, the baby is fine. Marina would need to trust in her medical abilities. Marina says she’ll try. Vera repeats that she’s there for Marina. Cut to a very frightened looking Esther. Marina and Very walk off chatting with the cordial confidence exes tend to have, Very offers Marina to find her a lawyer.
  • Rocco (I am going to miss this guy!), offering to share his lunch with a crying Esther, and telling her it’s okay to be jealous. Esther says it’s not just that, it’s how Marina treats her,a s if she didn’t know her. Rocco reminds Esther that this was to expect, after Esther’s behavior, and that Esther needs to do a step towards Marina now. A big step.
  • Vera asks to talk to Esther, telling her in no uncertain terms that she’s still in love with Marina, that she will do everything to win her back and that she won’t stand back because of Esther. And that she won’t take prisoners in this game. Esther replies that it’s not a game for her.
  • Gossip Central: a new nurse is expected to pick up work today, Teresa has the whole scoop on how she’s the daughter of the boss, Sergio. The girl in question appears, a friendly, very young looking girl with rasta curls. She asks for Esther, assuming they already told her the gossip, Esther pretends not to know, so the girl states flatly that she is the daughter of the boss, but that it doesn’t mean anything. Esther admits that, well, a she might have heard a phrase here or there.
  • Marina, playing with the baby that has the intoxication (fat foreshadowing for a lesbian pregnancy storyline in season 2, which we will now be spared).
  • Esther gives rasta nurse the hospital tour, stopping in Pediatrics to gaze longingly at Marina through the window., which Marina eventually notices Rasta nurse has to drag her away.

Second video:

  • Esther introduces the new rasta nurse to Valerio and Palumbo. Commonplace pleasantries ensue.
  • Esther leaves rasta nurse with the hospitalized young mother.
  • Marina finds the cradle in Pediatrics empty. Given her current state, she breathes fire and brimstone as she walks off in search of the baby
  • It turns out that rasta nurse simply took the baby and gave it to its sister, Marina  (in good, old marina fashion) tells the nurse off in no uncertain terms, but she is under so much strain that she makes the baby cry and comes across as overly harsh. Esther tries to calm her.
  • Marina does what she’s best at: putting rasta nurse in her place.
  • Marina is on the phone with her lawyer, Esther walks up and waits to talk to her. It turns out that the phone call was from Marina’s lawyer, there are no grounds for a malpractice suit, the case will be tossed out. Esther seems more relieved than a still tense Marina and immediately uses the moment to ask Marina out to celebrate these good news. Marina say thanks, but that she doesn’t feel like it.
  • It’s Teresa’s 20-year anniversary at the hospital – there’s cake, Rocco asks for candles, and there’s champagne and general good Gossip Central mood. As a gift, the gang, organized by Rocco’s wife, gives Teresa a belly dance hip belt – something that Teresa clearly finds hideous even though she tries to say the contrary. It’s Esther who shows her how to use it, btw. Nice touch. Gandini is called to the OP, Laura is sulking in a corner, possibly over Valerio being transferred away, and then Esther asks rasta nurse whether she has seen Marina. No, says the nurse. (we guess she means not since the dressing down Marina gave her)
  • Marina leaves the hospital, saying goodbye to the reception lady and when asked whether she doesn’t want to join Teresa’s party, she declines. She walks out into the parking lot in the dark.
  • A worried Esther asks at the reception counter for Marina; upon hearing that it can’t have been 5 minutes till Marina left, she storms out in search of Marina.
  • While unlocking her car, Marina is interrupted by the crazed out mother who lost her child in episode 1×17 and who still blames Marina (as does Marina herself). She draws a gun on Marina just as Esther sees Marina and runs towards her. Marina begs her to stay back, Esther walks up right next to her. Bad slow motion with drama soprano music begins as they stand in shock. Esther tackles Marina to the ground as the mother fires the gun. Marina doesn’t react as Esther tries to upright her, there is blood spilling from her mouth. Last image: Esther throwing herself over Marina’s body to discern a heartbeat. End of series.

Scene descriptions and dialog translations by guest translator Bea (many thanks!):

Scene 1

Esther and Vera Corradi walking around the hospital, then stopping outside the Paediatrics Room.

E: So, Dr. Ranieri is going to be prosecuted?

V: No, the decision about that is yet to be made.

E: But you told me that…

V: I told you I was summoned by Dr. Ranieri’s lawyers as Head of a Paediatrics ward, to give an opinion on the child’s records, that’s all. So that, in case we are brought to trial, a defensive line will be ready.

E: I understand…

Marina joins them.

M: (to Vera) I’m sorry I made you wait.

V: Don’t worry.

M: (to Esther, handing her some sheets) These are ready to be filed. Thank you. (to Vera) Listen, I need to take a stroll, do you mind coming with me?

Scene 2

Marina and Vera outside the Morandini.

M: Did you take a look at the records?

V: Of course, and there’s no trace of malpractice, nor of malice, least of all of guilt!

M: I knew you wouldn’t be objective.

V: I knew you would have said so. That’s why I asked Giuliani, the Head of Children’s Cardiology, about his opinion: I made him write it down, the words are different but the meaning is the same. Marina, nobody could have predicted a child of that age was affected by brain aneurysm. You have to make it up with yourself.

M: Vera, I can’t do that. Everytime I close my eyes I see him there, looking at me.

V: I understand it, but you couldn’t have done anything more than what you did.

M: If only I had evaluated his symptomps better…

V: Stop it…

M: If only I had ordered a CAT right away…

V: Marina, you’re just hurting yourself! “If, if if…”!

M: I don’t know, it feels like time has stopped: I can’t go back and I’m not able to go on.

V: I’m here. I’m here.

Scene 3

The entrance of the hospital. Marina is to take care of a newborn baby who has possibly been poisoned by his father who tried to committ suicide and to take his whole family (wife, newborn son, another son and a daughter) with him.

M: When did he eat?

Paramedic: I don’t know, when we got there he was sleepy, he woke up inside the ambulance.

M: Do you know what he ate, at least?

P: (handing her a baby’s bottle) Look, I was told to give you this, it was beside him when they found him.

M: Did he burst into inconsolable crying, did he vomit…?

P: No vomit, he cried in the ambulance, but look at him now…! Looks like he’s well…

M: Well, leave that decision to me, will you? I don’t know if you get this is a hospital, not a crèche, I’m a doctor, I’m not an anxious mother: This child could be

heavily intoxicated.

Esther arrives.

E: Do you need something?

M: Yes, I would like a complete check up, a toxicological exam, and you’ll have me this analysed (handing her the bottle) Let’s go.

Scene 4

Marina, in her room, the baby in her arms. Esther comes in.

M: Do you have the results?

E: No benzodiazepine. Agneprazine.

M: I knew he must have been given something…

E: Child’s narcotic, more than what he should have taken but not worrying, right?

M: Do you make diagnosis now?

E:  Well, that’s not the point, I wanted to help you…

M: Don’t you see how much he’s crying?

E:  He might be scared, maybe he’s hungry…

M: Could you please call Vera Corradi? She must still be out there somewhere…

E: Look, there’s no need…

M: Please, go summon her.

Scene 5

Marina and Vera walking down a corridor.

M: So, what do you think? It seems the child’s fine, but…

V: He’s indeed fine, he’s lively, he’s unperturbed, and the analysis confirm that, don’t worry.

M: After everything that happened, I don’t rely that much on my instinct.

V: Well, your instinct’s a bit conditioned at the moment, but you shold have faith in your skills as a doctor, which are extraordinary.

M: I will try.

V: I’m here for you, keep that in mind.

M: I know.

V: Ah, by the way, I need to talk to your lawyer, about the valuation, I’ll let you know afterwards… I’m calling him later.

Scene 6

Outside the hospital. Rocco joins Esther, who has overheard part of the conversation between Marina and Vera.

R: Something to eat?

E: Got a light?

R: Yeah… At home. Want some?

E: What are you eating?

R: Nothing special, tuna and tomatoes. My wife lacks creativity due to the heat, it just needed some mayo and a boiled egg…

Esther starts crying.

E: Come on, don’t look at me like that Rocco, please!

R: Do you want me to leave? Shall I look the opposite way? Look, it’s normal to be jealous when you’re in love.

E: I’m not jealous. Ok, I’m jealous, too, but what hurts the most is that she treats me like I’m a complete stranger…

R: Ok, what do you want from her? That’s a particular situation she’s facing at the moment, she has this problem, so now it’s your turn to take a step towards her, and I mean a real step. Remember when you said you weren’t ready for her? Well maybe now she doesn’t feel ready for you.

E: Ok, but I never… I never treated her like a stranger… Never.

R: Are you sure? Then, you know what? The sandwich with tuna and tomatoes and no mayo is inedible, that’s what…!

Scene 7

Esther is at the reception’s desk. Vera approaches, having a phone conversation with Marina’s lawyer.

V: I’m going out right now, Sir. I will be there in about half an hour, is it ok for you? Perfect. (she hangs up the phone and, to Esther) can I talk to you for a minute?

E: Of course.

V: I guess my presence here doesen’t please you much…

E: Why do you think that? I never said that.

V: Well, if I were you I would hate it. I’m still in love with Marina, and I will do everything in my power to win her back. Marina needs me at the moment, and I won’t step back.

E: I don’t get what you want to say, I…

V: I’m telling you I won’t step back just because of you. We will play under the same conditions.

E: For me, it’s not a game.

Scene 8

At the reception’s desk, Teresa and Rocco bring Esther up to date on the identity of the new nurse, that is, Professor Danieli’s daughter. Esther and Emma Danieli meet.

Scene 9

Marina alone in her room, cuddles the baby she’s taking care of (showing deep love and care for children as usual)

M: Hey… You’re a lion cub, you… You don’t cry… Hey…

Scene 10

Esther showing Emma Danieli around in the hospital – she stops and stares out of the Paediatrics Room. Marina, still holding the baby in her arms, notices.

Scenes 11, 12 and 13

Esther introduces Emma Danieli to Dr. Palumbo and Dr. Santamaria, then takes her to the little child’s sister and tries to tell Danieli the news. He is busy with Dr. Costa and tells her to come later.

Scene 14

Marina returning to her room.

M: (to the child) Tobia, look what I brought to you?

She notices the crib is empty and walks out again in a hurry.

Scene 15

The young girl’s room. Looks like Emma Danieli has taken Tobia to his sister. Marina bursts in.

M: What’s this all about? Give me the child.

Young Girl: Don’t, you’ll make him cry!

Esther comes in.

E: Dr. Ranieri…

M: For God’s sake, how could you take this baby here?! He’s one of my patients.

YG: He’s my brother!

Emma Danieli: Sorry, Doctor. I looked forr you to ask for permission, but I couldn’t find you.

M: Who are you?

E: That’s the new nurse.

ED: Emma Danieli.

E: That’s Professor Danieli’s… daughter…

M: Ah, we’re starting the right way, Miss Danieli, you’ve done something very bad. Come with me. (to Esther) You stay with them.

Scene 16

Marina confronting Emma Danieli.

ED: I just thought that, seeing what that girl has undergone, it would have done her good to…

M: This kind of considerations isn’t up to you. You think you can do as you wish because you’re the daughter of the Head Doctor here?

ED: No, I do as I wish because I have a brain. My father’s position doesn’t change anything.

M:  Ah, so your colleagues who respect rules are idiots?

ED: Rules must be interpreted.

M: Very well, now interpret my rule this way: take that child where he was. Don’t say anything, I’m not interested.

ED: Don’t you find it petty to make it a matter of power over a 16 years old girl?

M: And don’t you find it childish to keep playing the role of the rebellious brat for the sake of it?

Scene 18

Esther walking towards Marina’s room, she’s about to get in but Marina comes out, she’s talking on the phone – she sees esther but ignores her.

M: No, sorry if I was speaking quietly but a little child was there with me, he was sleeping. Tell me. Really? No, that’s wonderful. Thanks for callng me. Bye.

E: Marina?

M: Yes?

E: Look, I’m sorry about Danieli’s daughter, I… feel responsible for that.

M: No, no, don’t worry.

E. Good news?

M: Yes, it was my lawyer. He talked to the deputy prosecutor and it looks like they will press no charges on me.

E: Wh… That’s fantastic, right?

M. Yes.

E. Why don’t we go out tonight and celebrate? It’s on me… Do you feel like it?

M: Sorry,Esther, I… don’t.

E: Why not?

M: I’m not in the mood, really, thank you.

Scene 19 and 20

Everyone’s shift ends and celebration for Teresa’s birthday starts. Marina is not there. Esther asks Emma about her but the nurse hasn’t seen her, neither.

Scene 21

Marina walks towards the exit, on her own. The nurse at the reception’s desk asks her whether she’s going to Teresa’s birthday party and she says she won’t.

Scene 22

Marina walks towards the parking lot, people greet her as she passes by. A dark shadow comes out from behind a tree and addresses her. Marina is stunned.

Scene 23

Esther has walked to the reception’s desk, she asks the nurse about Dr. Ranieri. the nurse says she left some five minutes ago. Esther runs out of the hospital.

Scene 24

Marina facing the woman who was waiting for her.

W: No, you can’t understand. Nobody can understand. A woman losing a husband, that’s a widow. A child losing his parents, that’s an orphan… A mother losing her son, there’s not even a name for her, she’s nothing.

M: (looking at the gun the woman is suddenly pointing towards her) You won’t bring your son back like this, don’t…

Esther has spotted Marina and calls after her, running.

E: Marina!

W: I’m nothing now…

E: Marina!

W: I don’t have anything more now…

E: Marina, I need to talk to you

M: Stay back.

E: I need to talk to you right now!

W: Don’t move, you!

E: Oh my God…

W: Who’s that?! Go away… Go away!

M: I told you to stay back!

Initial Episode Overview

Well darn it. Once more, BAM seems to be offline with computer trouble (I am typing this at 3:21 am) and I am trying to piece the episode together via the Italian forum while we wait for the videos.

First of all, this preview comes with a warning. While this is not quite on the bleeding-out-on-her-wedding-day Pepa/Silvia level (where, at least, we had a couple happily in love, until one of them died), it is not far from it. It is nowhere in the happy range, either. Happy range was only available for Gandini/Malosti tonight.

As for Marina/Esther, the curses are many and the synopses are few in the 1×18 thread on the Italian board – ranging from “”what a d*ick of an episode” to “the most incongruent and harshest episode ever”.

From what I could gauge, the dead child’s mother (1×17) comes back to go after Marina.

Esther is apparently not doing much to come to Marina’s aid, although she does seem to say to Vera, Marina’s ex, at some point that “this is not a game” for her.

Marina, even though the boss told her in no uncertain terms last time that she did nothing wrong, ends up being fired and much as I would like to say “I mean fired as in losing her job” (as I initially had understood it), it seems to be far more along the lines of “a gun being fired at our favorite pediatrician”.

At this point, forum reports veer off into Twilight land – apparently, there is some action about a gun which is drawn from a jacket (uhm, since when is there a permit in Italy to carry concealed arms? Did Berlusconi change that law, too?).

I haven’t been able to figure out yet who draws that gun – my guess would be the mother who lost her child – but it is Marina who is the target of the attack.

In classic season cliffhanger manner (the producers must have been very sure that they would get many seasons to come, or perhaps they simply can’t wrap their mind around LGBT people and happy ends and that they could possibly fit together, no matter what Ratzi & Silvi0 B. keep saying), the last image of Marina is, it seems, the pediatrician “seemingly lifeless”, with a trail of blood spilling from her mouth.

to be continued… or at least that was the intention, only now there will be NO CONTINUATION.


Now, this ending could mean a variety of things:

1) the show is now turning into a lesbian vampire movie and they simply cut the final scene where Esther walks in in something black and skimpy to ride off into the eternal moonlight with Marina.

2) Italy has been Berlusbombed back into the Stone Age, culturally speaking – shooting down the only lesbian character on prime time drama? Next to the wave of current attacks against LGBT people and locations in Rome, this is not only a sad ending for someone who enjoyed the storyline, but a worrisome signal on the broader scale of public perception – “let’s shoot the lesbian for cliffhanger points. Hey, it’ll be almost like in real life!”

3) 2009. A bad year for lesbians on TV. They can’t have accumulated THAT much bad karma!

4) the RAI2 poeple bought the rights to “Los Hombres de Paco”, too. At least Marina didn’t wear a bridal dress.

5) I know a good fan fic challenge when I see one. Once more, it seems to be the task of the fan fic writers to procure a happy end here. Ah well. It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it. Which, I guess, means that I will see you back here next Friday night at 9 p.m., trying to fix this mess. It might take me a few more Fridays than just one since I am swamped in other projects, but I’ll do my best.

For now, all that remains for me to do is to to point your towards the bottle of high end “del Colle” grappa, I’m sure you could as glass of it as much as I do.

Meanwhile, let’s remember TdU like this:




Videos, once more, with thanks to macayestherforever:



Preview for…

No more previews. This was the finale of the first season that was still filmed with the possibilities of further seasons in mind. Due to low viewer turnouts (and seriously weak marketing), however, 1×18 is also the series finale. Now let the fandom take over.

This sneak preview has been made possible thanks to the Italian forum. Header screenshot made possible by the episode trailer uploaded by mary_iena. English translation: mine.

These translations/descriptions/sneak previews are just an Italian finger exercise of mine and try to cover the core scenes of Marina and Esther, which means that there may be video footage in the clips on YouTube that is not covered here. I do, however, try my best to include everything that is essential. There may be occasional glitches or mistakes – feel free to point them out in the comments.

39 thoughts on “Marina/Esther – sneak preview 1×18 (now with videos & dialog translations)”

  1. From forth the fatal stage of Rai 2’s show
    A pair of star crossed lovers take their leave.

    Rocco once said that Marina and Esther were like Romeo and Juliet. Esther countered that, in the end, Romeo and Juliet die.


  2. Given that Marina as a character was still planned for season 2, she would of course have survived, but that doesn’t make this finale any less desolate.


  3. Waaaa?!! WTF?? I’m still in shock over the Pepa/Silvia trainwreck. I don’t know whether I can take another gruesome ending. Ladies, if you watch the last scene, please give your opinion of how terrible it is compared to the LHDP massacre. Maybe I will hold off watching till I can renew my xanax prescription. Or never watch it, and just gaze at Anik’s lovely picspam above. Sigh.


  4. Hello, Anik. I want to share the general disappointment. It’s again a really crappy and, of course, sad thing to see the awful development of the story (and maybe History too?). However, I need a bit of hope, so I’m looking forward to your words about “trying to fix this mess”. I’m totally confident about yours skills for to do that, and I’ll be here the next Friday. All the best! Sorry, I’m a bit angry and my written English becomes the worst


  5. What a lame idea! This kind of over-melodramaic, embarrassingly contrived plotting (for seasonal cliffhanger or not) has a Chinese name, “dog blood”. Can they be anymore unoriginal? Too much certain Spanish police TV show, TdU writers?

    Anik, thanks for all the work, you know it is greatly appreciated, internationally. Opera entries aside, I have high hopes for your fanfic. 🙂


  6. a sad way to end. I guess ai due just don’t want to take risks…sad to say. poor endng really. Is is definite there will be no season 2?


  7. Heroic effort from Anik and gang to bring us those slim pickings, though I suspect we all saw that coming (well let’s be honest, there was very little other coming for m and e !). Thanks Anik, I suspect we are all much more interested to see if you tackle that fanfic challenge 😉 PhD notwithstanding of course…


  8. I watched the episode last night and, really, it came out of nowhere. I, as most people at the Italian forum did, was expecting something like Vera to butt in and try to win Marina back, but not this, and no clues were given during the whole episode about what was to come.

    @Anik: if you’re still needing transcriptions, I have the episode taped so feel free to ask…


  9. @Bea: thanks, it would be much appreciated! I sent you an email about it a minute ago.

    @NewGeorgieGirl: well, it is a little bloody, overly dramatic, with slow motion, BUT it may be worth it because Esther is looking for Marina as if she has a spider sense that told her Marina was in danger, and we have Esther walking right up next to Marina, Marina’s first, worried phrase is “Stay back!”, but Esther doesn’t budge – in the end, the desolate mother fires the gun just as Esther tackles Marina to the ground. There is blood, and it’s all dark since it is in the middle of the night, but hey, this is better than I imagined… we have direct Marina/Esther interaction right before the shot, their concern for the other is more than apparent, and the last image of the season are Marina and Esther on the ground and in a tangle of limbs. Fine, now we need to work on removing the whole mortal danger thing, but after last night, I had expected worse – Marina shot alone in a dark corridor, not something that shows them together and bonded. Also, throughout the episode, Esther IS trying to ask Marina out, she’s definitely back in the boat, and Marina’s refusal’s are more about her anger and sadness about her current case than about Esther.

    We’ll take it from there next Friday. 😉


  10. @Michi0728: as stated above, Marina did, of course, NOT die.

    You can’t really guess from the last frame, but since the character was supposed to continue in the 2nd season, she would have survived.

    At the end of 1×18, neither her death nor her survival are confirmed, to make viewers come back anxiously for season two. But since there will be no 2nd season, things will most likely remain unresolved for good.


  11. Thanks for the recaps everyone! And thank Anik!
    Well, if they wanted season 1 do go out with a bang (all pun intended!) they certainly did not. This is the most discontinuous, nonsense episode so far (speaking of M/E). I expected Vera to do more “damage”, I expected Esther to fight a LOT more for her woman, I mean come on! you ask her, she says no and you step back? some spine, for Chrissake!
    And so TdU fades away in the worst way possible. TZ damn you Rai!!!


  12. Thank you to all involved for all of your work, and always so fast, and thank you to Anik for your message summarizing just what I needed to know about the violence element. I think it will be worth it to watch the videos, so here goes … And I already check your blog everyday anyway, so I will be back each Friday to see what’s new with fanfic, etc.. Damn you Rai2!!


  13. @Michi0728: there will be no second season because the show didn’t garner the ratings that Rai2 was expecting. It simply didn’t sell enough.

    @Artemia: I couldn’t have said it better. In fact, I think I want a button saying “Lesbian velvet jackets forever!

    @NewGeorgieGirl: thanks for the acknowledgments! Looking forward to seeing you back around next Friday. Hope you made it through teh videos unscathed!

    @rishi06: yep, me, too! I expected Vera to unpack some “weapons”, not the deranged mother. And I expected Marina to not fall completely into a depression over it. And I expected Esther to be a little more insistent, although I understand her hesitation. The only one for whom I was constantly cheering was Rocco.


  14. to commemorate the eternal cliffhanger, there is a new cartoon by sadcat, and an additional text version by yohoscott.
    Lang, if you pass by here, would you be so kind once more and translate for us? (loved your very succinct post this morning!)


  15. Dear Ms. (Soon-to-Be Prof.) Eye Bags: Just adding my own note of thanks for all your assiduous work in getting this material out to downtrodden M/E fans on a weekly basis, despite RAI’s inconstancy. Also, I like your reading of the hints of togetherness between M&E toward the end there. I actually think the first hint was the lingering eye-lock over the baby, and through the veil of the pediatrics window – a small touch, but a nice beginning. Based on what I’ve recently picked up from reading “Small Steps,” I’m sure you can clear all this up for us in a far better fashion than RAI ever would have! Thanks again, and I look forward to what you bring us next week.


  16. Well, i guess Spain and Italy have something in common now, they are good in killing lesbians. OH well, it was a good run. Thanks for all the awesome work.


  17. Definetly, we need an European version of the USA LOGO channel. A safe haven for lesbian couples without need of kevlar bullet-proof vest. Let’s pray for Venice the Webseries will have a better future!


  18. Yes, Anik, thanks to you I watched the videos without a lump of dread in my throat, and they did not approach the LHDP-style bloodletting. Whew.

    On another note, must female TV/movie characters always be written to stand frozen and tearful when threatened with a weapon? Couldn’t just one take-charge woman assert herself and use her wits to dominate the situation and at least attempt to talk down the crazed one? I know school teachers and nurses [and other women trained to deal with the public] who would never stand like a deer in the headlights while someone takes aim at them. At minimum, start backing away while the looney is hesitating!

    As others on this page have said, I add my appreciation for your interpretations of the action and pointing out subtexts and characters’ motives, etc., that sometimes I overlook. It adds to my enjoyment of the story.

    Looking forward to whatever comes next.


  19. Hi Anik, no problem, I got to run will do it in the afternoon.
    Actually, Sadcat did the grids for everyone to “fill in the blank”, so feel free to take it and be creative.

    I did one last night, here is my take:


  20. @Lang: thank you – and I like your version, too. Very cute. Go, Kevlar!

    Also, many thanks to Bea who didn’t send me me an Italian transcript, but a done translation in English, which I am now embedding into the post.

    Since I don’t have to do translations now, it gives me a head start on my fiction version – which will pick up right after credits roll and try to sort out this mess in a Marina/Esther friendly way. Velvet jacket included. 😉


  21. Yohoscott’s take:

    Grid 1
    Esther: Marina, almost there, just hold on one more second

    Grid 4
    Marina: One bite is enough to turn you into vampire, you don’t have to do it for that long.
    keep sucking and you’ll lose your wife…
    Esther: but…I want more…


  22. Sadcat’s take:

    Grid 1
    Marina!! You can’t die!! Aren’t you gonna play the “cut-into-8-pieces” game with me?!

    Grid 2

    Grid 3
    Marina: Esther

    Grid 4
    Marina: Honey, if there was a second season, I’d play “cut-into-4 pieces” game with you all right
    Esther: So, you are not crossing that off OK?

    Hey Anik, your fanfic plan makes me happy enough, looking forward to that. 🙂


  23. Thanks to Bea for the translation into English of ch.18 dialogues. Spanish version tonight. Eagerly awaiting N’s fanfic version. 😀


  24. i thought a 2nd series had been made and rai just decided not to show it due to low viewing.
    Is there a 2nd series? and if so, is there a way to petition Rai Due about this ?


  25. @winblons: no, there is no second season on film. There are, it seems, script for the beginning of season two, as it was originally planned, but that’s it. Still, the Italian board has started a petition to move the show with a second season to another network – something that would most likely be financially impossible for a smaller network, apart from the fact that the team is involved in other projects by now. Still, it is a thought!


  26. Oh Anik, please, please, pretty please- include the new petition effort in next Friday’s post! I know it’s a long shot and frankly I trust you to write the story better in fanfic but TV lesbians are dropping like flies!
    All you need to do is post, sit back and watch your devoted followers do the work!


  27. @jazz: yes, it seems to be a difficult year for lesbians on TV!

    I can include a link to the petition for sentimental value, of course!

    Personally, I don’t think it will work, at least not if you are trying to reunite the original team – two years are a long time in the industry, and most participants are involved in other projects by now. Then, even more so than the low viewer rates (what is low for RAI might not be that low for Mediaset) there’s the whole rights issue – even if the RAI would sell them, could a niche channel like Mediaset even afford them? Tdu had very high production values, even for RAI productions; those would be impossible to maintain for a smaller channel.
    If there were a pre-produced, filmed and edited Season II, perhaps. But to start again at scripting stage? A big financial investment that especially a private channel might not take.


  28. yeah youre right about all comes down to many wider factors. The man actors are doing other things as we speak and moving on..and good for them.
    my only gripe is that like most lesbians in film and TV is that they


  29. oops i clicked the send button too soon….lesbians in tv is that they don’t get real lesbians involved. there are plenty of lesbains to play these roles, but that’s wider political/gender issue; the fear of straights losing control over the sexual status quo..sexual politics eh?


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