6 thoughts on “CGMP: Without Any Shirt”

  1. @flo: nice interview, and catchy title, too! Thanks for letting us know!
    And another interesting photo – instead of highbrow masculinity in a dress shirt, this time a take on working class masculinity – stance, pose, expression. (let me add a warning, though, not that we have Eye Baggers fainting at the sight of Bartoli in a golf cap and overalls… and boots. Opera dykes all over the world who love their Doc Martens, you’ve heard me.)


  2. Flo you are to Bartoli as Smorgy is to Kasarova… nothing gets by you! If CB ever needs an official archivist she need look no further 🙂

    Anik: you are very wise and kind to allow your readers an opportunity to prepare themselves. And can I just say re. that image… oh. good. god.


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