Mezzo… mhm… oh my…


Fine. So I was diligently typing away on my Sacrificium review, but then there was flo’s comment on Monday’s CGMP, and another one of Smorg’s famed VK Epistles, and now I am seriously distracted.

You’ll see why after the cut, but let me add a word of warning: If Kasarova in a fitted white baby tee and Bartoli in  golf cap and Doc Martens are too much for your poor opera dyke heart, please keep the smelling salts close by.

Straight mezzos looking great in highly ambiguous streetwear. And by great, I mean gay, gay, gay.

Many thanks to flo, who shall hereby be named director of the to be founded Bartoliana (with the research the woman  is singing up, there’s bound to be a library with an archive attached a few years down the road!), for the Bartoli link that features the photo quoted below – Purity put it best when she stated that flo is to Bartoli what Smorg is to Kasarova: the virtual eagle eye, I say!

Furthermore, many thanks to Smorg, President of the Kasarovian Republic, for the link to this lengthy Kasarova interview (scroll down to Aug 17th, where it says “Kasarova”. Half an hour of witty mezzo repartee awaits you. And the shirt. Did I mention the shirt?)

…you don’t mind that the interview is in German, do you? – You probably won’t even notice, just because of the shirt. Ehum. That shirt. And those shirt sleeves in particular!

But with let’s start with La Bartoli, whose take on working class masculinity has just postponed her disk review:


[Photo Credit: Uli Weber for Decca via Crescendo. Actually, this shot makes me wonder whether there is, just like the tailcoats, trench and white shirt series, a whole line of golfcap photos slumbering away somewhere (until flo digs them up in that archive, that is) – Meanwhile, could this cute Italian Boi please deliver the next pizza I order?]




[The look henceforth known as “Parto, parto” — Photo Credit: homemade screenshots of the ZüriPlus TV interview, August 2009. – Please, might we borrow that shirt for the 2010 Pride Parade?!]

Marketing to the opera dykes. This is how you do it.

And now excuse me. I’ll be over there in the corner, trying to pick my jaw off the floor and fanning myself with my half-finished Sacrificium review.

10 thoughts on “Mezzo… mhm… oh my…”

  1. Fan extra hard, Anik. I can use some air just about now, too. It’s sixty something Fahrenheit outside and looking to be rainy, but man… she’s either seriously exothermic or I’m really having a serious case of hot flash! 😉


  2. You think they (finally) got the memo on keeping the opera dykes happy?

    Having visited Zurich though I do wonder if it’s a case of IBS (‘inadvertent bi-curious signalling) – a lot of the women seemed to have it. Confusing. Nice. But confusing.

    And LOL… CB as old fashioned tradesman bulldyke… Someone is messing with our minds alright!


  3. @anik: blush—very flattering. Okay here’s an idea: after you’ll have come up with your review I’ll add a source for other pix of the doc martens series :-))


  4. @flo: …I am typing away! 😉

    @Purity: yup, that good old blue-collar masculinity icon status… not since Brando riding a certain Streetcar have I enjoyed the pattern that much!


  5. Cecilia’s hair … it’s been bugging me for a while now. No, don’t get me wrong, her hair could *never* bug me! Me, I love long, thick, flowing hair — more the femme loving type here — but I can’t figure out if in all those shots we’ve been seen recently, she’s wearing a short-hair wig oder if she indeed had a phase of short hair not too long ago? Can anybody shed some light on this? I’d be much appreciated. 🙂


  6. @Susan: all recent interview photos not from the Uli Weber photo shoots figure the same long tresses as always, so I don’t think there’s a short hair cut around the corner.

    Ultimately, I guess we’ll have to try and catch a concert of the Sacrificium tour to find out…


  7. liking this…..and by the way…..nice to see docs are still being worn…still got mine!!! 15 years old now.she’s got the classic black 11 hole lace ups


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