Through Geschwitz’s Lorgnette meets CGMP

Advertisement Spread in Deutsche Oper Berlin magazine, July 2009.

Just how many lesbian vibes fit into one photo collage?! (click to enlarge for a more in-depth search)

The same collage, as a blown-up poster print, was lining the main portal in July: women in white shirts, women in arms, women in arms of other women, archaic mud-wrestling, mezzos in pants…

I’ve no idea why the new campaign are photographs of German TV moderator Barbara Schöneberger in all kinds of opera dress-up – Schöneberger is neither an opera singer nor known for anything opera-associated. Besides, what’s wrong with the singers? (granted, with many guests taking spots in old productions, consistent marketing with the singers of the evening would be difficult to achieve).

Still, Berlin might be worth a trip – Kate Aldrich will sing Adriano in the new production of “Rienzi” (opening Jan. 24th, 2010) and Anja Harteros will star as Desdemona in a new “Otello” (opening May 30th, 2010). Petra Lang may just manage to make “Tristan & Isolde” sound like “Brangäne & Isolde” on Nov. 22nd next to Evelyn Herlitzius’ Isolde and Ruxandra Donose, of adorable Goth-Ramiro fame in the “Salzburg 2006 Mozart Edition” (“La finta giardiniera”!), sings Rossini’s “Cenerentola” (in the imported Glyndebourne 2005 production) on Dec. 14th. Waltraud Meier will return to Ortrud in Feb. 2010’s “Lohengrin” revival (start ordering a new set of curtains now, Berlin…), and – my favorite reason for the trip at the moment – Alice Coote will be delivering silver roses (and, no doubt, look awesome in various white shirts) Feb. 28th and March 4th and 7th, 2009. In exchange, someone should build that woman a proper web domain on her own.

And if you want a really good soprano reason for a trip to Deutsche Oper Berlin:  Adrianne Pieczonka, possibly my favorite Strauss soprano at the moment (and a woman with clearly great taste, as she is married to a mezzo) will sing “Arabella” June 9th, 12th and 16th, 2010. Bonus soprano reason: Julia Kleiter, also of Salzburg 2006 fame, will don Zdenka’s pants.

8 thoughts on “Through Geschwitz’s Lorgnette meets CGMP”

  1. Oh Berlin is sounding very good. I think Pieczonka could cure even me of my Strauss aversion!

    You might want to also swing by the Royal Opera House website Anik… the latest promo shoots of Sophie Koch for her upcoming John Schlesinger helmed Der R are… well I’ll let you decide:

    (there are 2 different shots, hit reload to see the second!)


  2. thanks, Purity! that second shot… wow.

    A little medieval staircase, a little low sunlight and did she always have the diva curls?!

    Now if Koch were to look that way on stage during “Der R.”, well! And if we then could fit in Pieczonka as Marschallin (nothing against Isokoski, but since Pieczonka’s Ariadne I’m lost to any other Strauss soprano for the next 5 years).


  3. Liking the casting… now if only these people would learn to listen to your words of wisdom…

    Yes, Koch in above the knee pirate boots… There was a larger shot with more leg in the Financial Times on Saturday… I presume placed to keep everyone’s mind off the dire straights the pound is in. Worked.


  4. So why doesn’t Deutsche Oper Berlin promote their productions with images of the SINGERS like ROH does?

    Koch never looked better.

    And I still wonder what B. Schöneberger has to do with opera.


  5. @A2H: i remember that one – loved it! 😉 wouldn’t know they had it on youtube (my fault, of course they have EVERYTHING on…) p.


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