Mezzo Christmas (who cares that it’s early?)

German buy-by-catalog (or website, or selected stores) company Zweitausendeins (2001) sent out their edition for November/December 09. The December issue tends to be heavy on gift suggestions for Christmas (Hanukkah/Kwanza/Solstice/politically correct festivity of choice), but this year, Christmas already arrived on the cover.

A higer-res Bartoli cap of what I will furthermore refer to as the “pizza guy photo session”. made by Uli Weber, courtesy of DECCA. The cover story of the catalog is titled “Surprise for Christmas: Bartoli sings trouser roles”.

Uhm… One, Bartoli has sung plenty of trouser before (just never in those boots!). Two, “Sacrificium” also contains female POV arias. Three, faced with the cover, I really don’t feel like being nitpicky.

Zweitausendeins – known mostly for dealing with “leftovers” at fabulous prices, with some new releases thrown in at regular pricing – also has some interesting gift ideas inside the catalog (besides, I already own coveralls, “Sacrificium” and a pair of sturdy working boots). There is one special section on “female voices” that contains lots of early Bartoli, quite a bit of off-mainstream von Otter (including “For the Stars”), early Kožená ( including “Le belle immagini” and the Lamenti recording!) and “The radiant Voice of Barbara Bonney” (at €4,99!). Most recordings are between €4,99 and €8,99.

If you’re more into bigger box sets (Gardiner’s take on Bach’s Passions and Oratorios?) try this section. In case you had forgotten how much “Bartoli Disk Cover Hair” has evolved since the mid-nineties, reminisce here. And for the Early Music lovers, there’s the William Christie anniversary section. And my favorite Gimmick, just for the idea of it: They also sell “The Bach iPod” – a 120GB version that contains the complete Bach oeuvre, at €449,99.  – Now if they did this for Handel… or for the op. 111 Vivaldi edition…

The only bug with Zweitausendeins: The website is German only. Given shipping conditions are German only, with a note that rates abroad can be told upon asking. Just in case, and to suggest that offering a bilingual version and international service might be a good project for the future, the service email is the following: service[at] .

5 thoughts on “Mezzo Christmas (who cares that it’s early?)”

  1. Anika, and there I was thinking you’d want to supplement your meager monies by offering a shipping service for your dear online friends/fans. 😉

    This is *not* me asking – I wouldn’t need help.


  2. @A2H: oh dear, if I had stuff shipped here and then shipped out again internationally at normal postal rates, there would not much special offer remain, but for all German residents with a penchant for any of the above-mentioned singers, it’s a decent offer indeed.


  3. This is off-topic for which I apologize, but I was checking the price of “Sacrificium” on Amazon and the site also suggested the latest Jonas Kaufmann disc “Mozart/Schubert/Beethoven/Wagner”, with Claudio Abbado. I shall be adding that to my Christmas list, maybe in part because (no doubt deliberately), JK looks exactly as if he has stepped out of a German Romantic painting by David Caspar Friedrich!


  4. @avis: Yes, Caspar David Kaufmann’s take on “Der Wanderer über dem Nebelmeer” proves to be a very effective marketing move! (nice gimmick that the back copies the exact painting pose and the front cover imagines a possible “front view”).


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