CGMP: White Shirt Monday


On the Street Where You Live:

Vivica Genaux as Ernesto in the Dec. 5th opening night of Haydn’s “Il Mondo della Luna” at Theater an der Wien.

For all those unable to catch the none-too-high-res ORF2 live stream or one of the remaining December performances, here’s a bit of mezzo capping from the moon, featuring White Shirt All Star Vivica Genaux – and Maite Beaumont of Ruggiero and Ottavia fame giving the term “Upstairs Maid” a run for its money.

In my opinion, Beaumont was the musical highlight of the evening; Genaux had too little to work with and the staging was “meh” at best. Still, the White Shirt Impact and the Doubled Mezzo Factor turned the show into a reasonably entertaining evening.

Genaux and the “On the Street Where you Live” segment, including “casual strolling with jacket thrown over shoulder”:









1001 Ways to Get the Girl, No. 947: Try dressing up as the Statue of Liberty, with a goatee:


(Don’t knock it, it seems to work sometimes)




Curtain Call:

And then there was Maite Beaumont, and a lot of audible proof that the world needs a lot more Maite Beaumont on its opera stages (and just how many Almodóvar movies in one do you find channeled here?):






“Wait – did I just see a baritone auditioning for I Dream of Jeannie?”


…yes. You did.

White Shirt, Pink Blouse: this is not a time to be nitpicky. Beaumont rocks.


13 thoughts on “CGMP: White Shirt Monday”

  1. Hmmm. Vivica Genaux certainly knows how to wear a cravat.

    I am kicking myself for not catching the life stream and a chance to hear the wonderful Maite Beaumont (I still remember her ‘Diprezzata Regina’ from the Barcelona production of L’Incoronazione Di Poppea). But thanks so much Anik for the stills from the production – just to make us all drool!


  2. Ack, I missed the stream as well. thanks for the screen captures! vivica is quite handsome indeed :-). A friend told me we might be able to find the video on as they typically leave it up for 1 wk (at least they do in Germany i was told). My german is not that great to navigate that site, but perhaps someone might find the stream? 🙂


    1. @An: sure, go ahead! (and if it is a public album, would you share the link?) Sorry for the belated reply; I was out of town on a conference this weekend.


  3. @An: thanks for the link! Oh dear, will that make me succumb to Facebook at last?!

    @Styx: good news, thank you! Anything that enables Beaumont on a constant basis in my household is very good news indeed.


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