2010: Start it with a mezzo (and a White Shirt)

[Start 2010 with a ruffle! – Joyce DiDonato. – Photo Credit: Sheila Rock, via Bach Cantatas]

Happy New Year, folks! Skip that hangover, down a Bloody Mary and turn on your TV, at least when you’re living in Germany.

As of 10 a.m., ARD is airing last night’s Baden-Baden New Year’s Eve Gala with Joyce DiDonato. That’s 60 minutes I won’t be missing, not matter what I’ve been drinking.

Then, if you’re a traditionalist and like waltz and Valentino-clad (!) dancers, ZDF airs the Vienna Philharmonic New Year’s Concert, this year conducted again by Georges Prêtre, as of 11.a.m. Watching that, you can make time until 12:25 a.m., when ARTE airs the Venice/La Fenice New Year’s Gala featuring Anna Maria Antonacci. Gardiner conducts. By the time we reach the “Libiamo”, the hangover might be gone enough for another toast. And if you missed it… ARTE airs a rerun at 7 p.m (I’m not sure this one will be in Arte+7 afterwards, but it might be worth a try).

Looks like 2010 is off to a good start!

2 thoughts on “2010: Start it with a mezzo (and a White Shirt)”

  1. A good start to 2010 is coming across this blog. I look forward to a year of reading it with pleasure and instruction.


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