White Shirt Monday: Wigging It


[Elīna Garanča (Octavian) & Christine Schäfer (Sophie) in the trusty old Deutsche Oper Berlin/Götz Friedrich “Rosenkavalier”. -Photo Credit: Deutsche Oper Berlin.]

Actually, I’m not sure whether there’s a White Shirt hidden underneath all those layers of other whites, but then again… who would mind either way?

12 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: Wigging It”

    1. I think VK was slanted for Carmen, not Octavian? The photo is probably from the 2008 performances. This year it was, among others, Alice Coote as O.ME.B.F.H. Rofrano (and one day I have to make some white shirt acronym out of all these names…)

      Munich needs VK. It also needs more Baroque again, stat!!


  1. Incredible concert at the Wigmore Hall last week. Sarah Connolly, Rosemary Joshua, Harry Bicket and English Concert in Handel. Fantastic music and atmoshphere nearly raised the roof. (Not to mention the white shirt AND tux!


    1. So jealous, *what* a line up. I was so stupid to linger on booking for a nano second. You picked up their new CD yet – just gorgeous!! Am though trying to figure out if I can squeeze in SC between Alcina and Bartoli in London in December…


        1. Jealous? Hardly describes it! Just reading the reviews and all are superlative. I particularly enjoyed the start of the one from The Times:

          “You knew exactly when this concert was shaping up to be a blinder. It was when Sarah Connolly sprang out of her seat for her first entrance, dressed in a sleek tuxedo, and contemplated her public with a coolly imperious gaze. Well, she was the scheming Empress Agrippina in Handel’s barnstorming 1709 opera, and we were the pawns getting in her way.

          This is what happens when you give every bar of Handel’s music its own raison d’être and breathe every wisp of nuance into his flavourful duets and those prolonged “da capo” arias… etc. etc,”


  2. the wig kinda matches her coat. are there clips of this on youtube? i haven’t noticed in come up in the DR searches i’ve been doing.

    apropos: got the TeKanawa/Bonney/Howells DR dvd from Netflix and watched Acts 1&2 last night (Act 3 on tap for tonight). Besides the clips here and at Purity’s, I have not known Bonney’s work, but my, she is fabulous!!


        1. …you and me both and quite possibly many a mezzo along the way! Also, GOD that Rosenkavalier – classic” For more Bonney, I also recommend teh 1994 Vienna one with Lott and von Otter. duets/trios are YouTubed for starters…


  3. the Bonney/Lott/von Otter clips I’ve run across…maybe thanks to you? (I’ve been combing through your old posts for goodies.. ). Good stuff!


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