Video Alert: Thinking about Romina Basso


It’s all my baby brother’s fault. This all started because he – the Cooking Scientist – called me when he came back from Beaune, after a weekend of Baroque, escargots and cassis, with a crush on Romina Basso.

He heard her in Handel’s “Trionfo del tempo del disinganno” and is since smitten with her dark colors.

Well, that’s what good contraltos will do to you, I told him (although before managing that answer, I had to get over quite a bit of “green and ugly” first). Though Basso is also often billed as a mezzo-soprano. I’m not sure by which she goes officially, since she doesn’t have a website (that I could find). Perhaps she could call Sonia Prina about that sometime?

Either way, “Trionfo”. And my brother with an opera queen crush on Romina Basso.

“They live broadcast it on the web,” he told me. “But I didn’t have connection to send you a message about it!”

“Nevermind,” I said over the next flash of green. I checked Arte+7 immediately, but it wasn’t there, though some googling made me stumble about yet another Arte dependence, arteliveweb. And what do you know, the whole “Trionfo” still is streamable from there, though God knows for how long or from where. If you have a chance, catch this while it’s still online! It’s a little rough around the edges at times, but it’s Handel, it’s Beaune, and Basso does have some awfully nice low piani.

It’s with the Gabrieli Consort under Paul McCreesh, with Renata Pokupic, Rebecca Bottone, Roman Colett and the aforementioned Romina Basso.

Let me be more precise: Romina Basso in heels and pants and a black shirt and cleavage.


And since she’s Disinganno, of course she’s flirting with Bellezza. Let me provide you with a visual:




And there’s Edna from “The Incredibles” at the theorbo, too:

“Where can I hear Ms. Basso again?” my brother said.

“Can I see the dress of the soprano again?” I asked. The November “Alcina”, of course, I told him.  He went off in search of tickets, only to tell me that there’s no Basso as Bradamante in sight in November: apparently, Romina Basso is out, Kristina Hammarström is on.

Not for the Paris performance, though (Nov. 29th). Romina Basso is still listed for that one.

And apropos Paris: we should go to Paris for this one. Of course, if it also had Mijanovic, I would probably already be standing in the street with my thumb out and a sign reading “Paris, 2011”. Like this, I may be able to plan with a shred of dignity left – Lemieux, Jaroussky, Basso… anyone else drooling already?

15 thoughts on “Video Alert: Thinking about Romina Basso”

  1. The Paris Orlando listing names performers for main roles in that opera and also in Alcina. Is this to be a performance like the two in Ariadne, gleichzeitig?


    1. Alcina and Ruggiero are also characters in in Vivaldi’s “Orlando furioso”, so no Ariadne setting this time! 😉


  2. hurra, no geographic restriction. thanks so much Anik. am enjoying it while dissecting some matlab codes at work 🙂


  3. oh dear this is getting annoying, having had London and Vienna lined up the Paris concert is starting to seem very attractive… grrr… why do these things always happen at busy work times!!


    1. hmm actually seems Basso is out of that one too… I guess these concert stagings are tricky for singers’ management to coordinate… bit annoying though for those of us trying to plan ahead!! and going by suspa’s chat with Vesselina in Munich recently seems like it’s not just the audience who don’t get kept up to speed about all the cast shifting!


      1. thanks for the heads up, Purity – Operabase still had her listed last week, but perhaps Hammarström is taking on the full run? Would make sense.

        Good to see you back online! 🙂


  4. I am interning for her agent, Florence Brunel, in Paris, if you would like some information on her upcoming performances do not hesitate to ask. She will be in Paris at TCE in March for Orlando.


  5. Anik, I can’t believe nobody commented on your “Edna, the Incredible” joke — I almost sprinkled my monitor with coffee when I read that! Thanks! :-))


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