White Shirt Monday: Classic Combos


[“In ricompensa poi questa mia canzonetta io ti vo’ dare…” – Barbara Bonney (Susanna) and Cecilia Bartoli (Cherubino) in Mozart’s Le nozze di Figaro, ca. early 1990s. – Photo Credit: Peter Schlegel]

I stumbled over this on the weekend in some old trouser article and it struck me as a the right cast to celebrate the blogging return of a certain fellow White Shirt. Awfully nice to have you back around!

The image description – without year – put this Figaro at Zurich, though of course we recognize the costumes as those employed by Ponnelle in his Vienna production (that also made it to movie with the Dame Kiri’s Contessa on whom I fully blame my first opera crush). Did that production ever run in Zurich, too?

In the end, though, who cares about the city you’re in, as long as those singers are giving you “canzonette”?

4 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: Classic Combos”

  1. It was Zuerich in 1988/89, Ponelle worked at the Mozart series with Harnoncourt. . BTW to eye bags: CB will be in Bremen on may 6,2011 with a Handel program.


    1. so it IS the Ponnelle production – thanks, flo! If anyone would know it, it had to be you 😉

      Will see whether I can sneak in a little field trip next May…


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