White Shirt Monday: James Dean Rofrano


[Is there a better way to start the White Shirt Year than with a “Rosenkavalier”? – Once more, Nadja Stefanoff (Octavian) comes to the rescue of Sara Hershkovitz’s Sophie (awestruck to the left), Theater Bremen 2010. – Photo Credit: Jörg Landsberg. – click to enlarge for detail study]

After seeing Tobias Kratzers thought-provoking, highly intelligent and technically sound production myself (sadly, no more performances this season), I had to make room for this gem from the program book.

And yes, Octavian and Sophie ride off on the white and silver vespa at some point and Sophie then inherits the pilot jacket and a package of smokes from her lover, much to her father’s despair – and to our joy, since that leaves Ms. Stefenoff in shirtsleeve for the remainder of the evening, apart from an interesting Act III twist on the Mariandl scene.

2 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: James Dean Rofrano”

    1. heh… good call, Nondramafly 😉 (though after the J/7 pulp cover series, my my BB image seems to be tied to another body height!)


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