Friday Night Conversation: Maca & Esther – the end of an era

[clip with thanks to LAPEPSILHDP]

This past Wednesday, an era came to a close: After more than 18 seasons, actress Fátima Baeza and her character Esther left the trainwreck Spanish TV show “Hospital Central” (at this point, I will not get into the ridiculous plotline that had her leave without her wife, Maca, and without their three children).

Extended videos of her last episode – if the clip above isn’t enough of an impression – are available over at the formidable FBFC, Spanish only, though I’m sure that the subtitled version will have appeared somewhere on YouTube by now (please leave the links in the comments if you find any!). I don’t check for the subtitled versions any longer because I watch “Hospital Central” (the little I watched in recent years, since there were only few rays of light since Season 12 – something I blame entirely on the sloppy writing) in Spanish.

And the fact that I am able to watch Spanish shows in Spanish today is something I owe to “Hospital Central”, next to various other things.

Allow me to get sentimental here for a moment. I stumbled upon “Hospital Central” around Maca’s and Esther’s wedding episode (thanks, Afterellen!) and found the couple so adorable and well-portrayed that I caught up in no time and ended up learning Spanish along the way. This show – once upon a now loooooooong gone time – made me want to learn Spanish so that I could keep up with it.

Maca and Esther were (and remain) iconic figures of lesbian media representation in Spain, and also beyond.  They hail from a time before PepSi and their wedding episode was shot briefly after Spain passed its gender-neutral marriage law.

Maca and Esther were adorable. They were easy to relate to. They were too cute for words.  I still can’t help but smile when I rewatch their scenes from Seasons 8-10 today  (and there’s Cruz, too – mhmmm, Cruz… but I digress).

That said, the wringer they’ve been put through over the past ten seasons – especially the latter ones – can only be equaled to jumping a whole population of sharks. Esther deserved a better parting episode (apart from that the actress deserved not to be fired in the first place), and both of them deserved some actual writing over the past years of this trainwreck show.

From a high proportion of accidents over getting pregnant while cheating over amnesia to crazy stalker girlfriends, questionable taste in affairs (Re: Blondie), the frequent wardrobe shop of horrors and three-second-reunions, these characters have seen it all and have been through degrees of incredibility that don’t fit in the category of “plothole” anymore, but must instead be filed under “warped time-space continuum”.

And yet, I have a soft spot for these two.

Even though I’m relieved I don’t have to follow this show any longer with both Esther and Maca gone, I feel sad at the end of the journey of these two extraordinary characters.

Maca will be around for two more episodes (her exit may leave us with the proverbial spoonful of sugar at least, which the girls over at the FBFC are generously sharing with us – spoiler alert!) and also be gone. Perhaps after her exit we can convene again and discuss whether it was what we wished for, or not, whether it could have been better, and how so…

For this week, that more or less broke up our couple (did I mention that it was over an utterly ridiculous storyline?), I want to pay tribute to these two important lesbian fiction figures – they were married (let’s just forget about that little divorce in the middle) and are still alive, which is more than we can say of other beloved Spanish TV lesbians.  They raised a family together (origin of some of those three children aside). And despite the plotlines that they’ve been put through, they’ve made it through most of it together.

And Maca and Esther, on the side, showed to many Spanish people especially of the older generation (including my own mother-in-law) that lesbians are normal people (though perhaps not always as insanely attractive as Maca) who fall in love like everyone else and aren’t the least bit scary. And that is quite a feat, if you ask me. I’m glad I was along for most of the ride, even if I had to tape my eyes and ears shut through certain parts of it. But hey, that’s what fan fiction is for.

But now, for old times’ sake: Do you remember the magic of when it all started?

[both clips with thanks to DubesorVico]

…and? Are you smiling a silly smile right now? – Welcome to the club.

Do you know and/or like Maca and Esther? Why yes, or why not? Do you have favorite memories of them? Favorite moments? A theory of just when and why things went wrong? Does Esther look better with long hair or with short hair? Is there a plot you would have liked to see played out with these characters? Do you have personal memories attached to the show (e.g. did it make you learn Spanish?!)?- Feel free to go nostalgic and/or off on a tangent in the comments.

61 thoughts on “Friday Night Conversation: Maca & Esther – the end of an era”

  1. Well, I know something about them thanks to your post, but no, I never followed the show.

    But I will be interested in reading the comments here regardless.


    1. Oh yeah, you asked why or why not.

      Lazy Rain can’t be bothered to keep track of shows. There are a few exceptions, but I catch up on them online weeks later, when I get around to it, maybe.


  2. Silly, very silly smiles over here. That couch scene is my favourite one ever. And “insanely attractive Maca” is … *sigh* [aquí una de las tantas “maquistas” fanáticas de habla castellana 😆 ]
    I’ll post my opinions on “the end of an era” tomorrow [dinner time over here]. May I say “what an era!”


  3. I started watching this show just over a year ago (a short while before I came across Terapia D’Urgenza and “Dare”). I caught up quickly and yes I started to learn Spanish so that I could understand the show without sub-titles. I am smiling a silly smile right now! Basically my favourite moments were the lead up to their relationship and of course the elevator scene. Also season 17 after the hostage taking incident at the jewelry store when they both realize that they are meant to be together. I agree with Anik that they were adorable……and yes I miss Cruz. I really disliked the Raul/Esther pairing and Blondie of course…….rolling my eyes…………. From my sources, I hear that some former cast members/characters will be returning for the series finale and that there should be an “appearance” by FB and PV together, albeit in a picture for PV’s last episode.

    I am not sure if you mean what went wrong on the show or in the relationship between M/E. The poor writing makes it hard for me to offer an opinion of what went wrong since things were supposely going well until the trainwreck caused by the bad writing.

    With regards to the short hair or long hair on Esther…..I always liked the long hair but now I like the shorter hair. It looks cute!

    I will miss watching the show. I will probably force myself to watch the ramainer of the episodes after PV leaves just to see what happens.

    It is the end of an era but Maca and Esther will forever remain on youtube and in fan fiction. Writers can only write the same thing over and over again before it gets stale (hostage situations, almost dying, etc, etc, etc). I think that it was time to end the show.


    1. maybe if maca & esther’s writing team had sent a helicopter crash or hostage situation otalia’s way, both relationships could have benefited! 😉


      1. yes, the helicopter crash: magical cure for poor writing!

        To, me things already careened off track when Maca (I know, pregnant actresses, pregnancy leaves…) disappeared with Baby Pedro and basically left Esther to herself. That was the first point where things lost credibility for me.

        I agree with Terry, it’s time this show is laid to rest, they’re not coming up with interesting or plausible storylines any longer (also, I definitely dig the shorter hair).


  4. I came to know about them like 3 years ago. after i saw a few apisodes from the begining of their story i fall in love with them.watching their story and their love, it gave ne hope. when they said that this was going to be their last season i was very sad because its hard to let go of something u had been so attach to and because there will never be another maca & esther and the love they projected. but i always knew this day was co ming. but it was an amazing journey.


  5. I quote Sam: “what an era!” I came across HC (the series) when I came across M&E, and/or vice verse. And I shall say that I’ve liken, appreciated both from then on. But I feel that, at least the storyline of M&E, ran for too long, and the story in itself suffered tremendously due to this. That, on one hand, because on another hand, I don’t think that the Spanish media (but not necessarily the public, the audience) was really ready to engage in a “full blast lesbo drama”, and I based my interpretations on the fate of other attempts to portrait this topic in other tv series (El Pasado es Manana, Los Hombres de Paco, Cuestion de Sexo, Amar en Tiempos Revueltos…)

    My wish for the future (after M&E)? A tv drama centered around a lesbo/gay couple, and their life together.

    We’ll see…


    1. yes, let’s hope at some point there’ll be shows about couples that happen to be gay more than gay token couples on “straight” shows.” Which brings us back to last week’s discussion on media representation… is progress really afoot?


  6. claudia lo ha dicho todo: “esther y tu os mereceis un final mejor”
    i just finished watching the final episode (and the 5 before that because i just didn’t have time to keep on track) and after this whole (over)dosis of the new format i can only repeat claudia’s words that maca and esther should have had a better ending. although i couldn’t say which one. why did they have to leave anyway? we have seen all possible twists already and the actresses always managed to at least act plausible enough for the wondrous storyline and now this. ok, none of them died – we already had esther “resurrected” and maca with ms. yes, they are still alive and we’ll see what happens in the next 2 episodes. but i have to admit that it won’t be a pleasure anymore to sit down with a cafe con leche y galletas in front of the laptop and watch the only emergency tv show i endure, looking forward to the next chapter. after all those dead characters in temporada 19 i feel a little bit lost like teresa – it’s just not the same anymore without fernando, waldo, boni, esther and maca. and i can’t find anything attractive with enrique – not even if he was a woman, now there’s a scary thought. anyway, end of rant for now 😉
    i stumbled over hc years ago through some crosslink on youtube and at first i only watched maca and esther’s clips, slowly getting into the whole plot enjoying to have “spain” at home, getting a little homesick. they were just too good to be true. they were the “steady” couple if you take the overall look on the show. and i agree with anik that they were and still are a good example in tv for a married lesbian couple with kids (let’s forget about raul, blondie and stalker-girl for a moment) that you can relate to. at least i could.
    my favourite memory is the scene in the kitchen when they just got together and it was just a normal morning in a normal household with 2 women in bathrobes, kissing. i realized i was grinning like an idiot when i watched that scene again.
    why couldn’t they go on and grow old with that show like so many american actors are doing with “the bold and the beautiful” – it’s unfair 😦
    i agree with lisa on wishing for a portrait of a gay couple that i can again relate to. until then maca and esther will be my favourite pair, that’s for sure.


    1. that’s a really good point that they were the “steady couple” relative to the craziness of the show overall….
      and yes, as one might have guessed, the kitchen scene had me from “bathrobe”
      though i also have a soft spot in my heart for the scene where M&E were having a jealous spat (before jealousy was really an issue for them), and Maca almost accidentally told Esther she loved her for the first time, and Esther made her repeat it….effectively ending the spat….


      1. oh yes, that was a cute one, too.

        I think there influence stems from that they were – despite ridiculous crisis in the middle – the one OTP couple on the show that got back together no matter what helicopter crashed into them every other season. Another reason is that they were easy to relate to, just like yvonne pointed out: they were just a normal couple (apart from the helicopters), not high-glam projections.


    1. yes The L Word was aired in Europe; in Germany it was the year after it premiered, if I remember correctly. Dates varied in different countries.
      The dubbed version was unbearable, but there was much of a hype around the first season here. By the end of Season 3, that had died down.

      Perhaps the most striking difference between L Word and a couple like Maca and Esther on Hospital Central is as to how viewers can relate to characters – while West Hollywood high-exec lesbians apparently really look like the characters on the L Word do, many people seem to have difficulties to connect to the glamor and the level of drama portrayed there.


  7. A brief flow chart of soapy love (or, how I came to Friday night):

    (some friends)

    Otalia -> Pepa & Silvia -> Maca & Esther -> Marina & Esther
    ↓ ↓
    Stepecitos/ -> Dare ->Friday Night!
    Jungle Fever ↓
    (some more friends!)

    Ultimate outcome: a whole lotta lovin’ (with complete lack of apologies to Led Zeppelin) and some rocking fan fic



  8. On scenes that I recall more dearly… On the one hand, the happy ones: when M&E were “getting pregnant”, when Maca started her hormonal treatment and Esther was always around pampering her…, when Maca was ovulating, meaning, time to go to the clinic to get inseminated…, when they were waiting to see the results of the pregnancy test… I will also add the day Maca gave birth, lovely the moments and the compenetration between the two of them.

    On the other hand, the sad moments (equally important). There are two scenes with Esther that really have stayed with me through the end of this story: when Esther breaks up with Maca after given birth to Paula, and a later that day when Esther also cuts off with Raul and demands her space to be and go on her own. To me, this is the instant that marked a “before” and an “after” in this couple’s relationship. Somehow, Esther gained some of Maca’s strength, while Maca in turn gained some of Esther’s fragility. I guess this is what convinced me that these women are two real soulmates…



    1. about Esther gaining some of Maca’s strength, and Maca gaining some of Esther’s fragility — nice insight, and exactly what i enjoyed about this couple!


    2. Yes, LiSA, good insight about the trade-off of strength and fragility between M + E.

      My favorite M+E scenes are all Season 8: the seduction on the couch in the break room (I could play that dialog over and over and it really holds up), the lunch table in the cafeteria where E requests a do-over kiss with Maca, and of course the elevator. It’s not popular to like the Carolina Cerezuela character or her affair with Maca, but that was a lot of soapy fun for me. I paraphrase the person on YouTube who said she liked, ‘lying, cheating, deceitful Maca’. I did, too! It was the only opportunity to see Patricia Vico work the dark side and pour on her sex appeal and she had chemistry with CC. Too bad this couple goes out with a whimper instead of a bang, but after a year of waiting for the series to conclude, it is all kind of anti-climactic. The series and its owner Berlusconi are on the way out, too, and that overshadows everything. I am just grateful that M + E were created and lasted this long and that we even got an Italian version of this couple before it ended. Even with all its flaws, it was a win.


    3. A really interesting point, Lisa. perhaps it could also be described as a mutual exchange of strengths and weaknesses – I never really saw Esther as “weak”. I enjoyed the fact that Maca become more human across the seasons (since she was initially conceived just as an ideal mate), some hare-brained schemes aside.

      As for the affairs (writing a couple on soapy TV for 10 seasons, they’re probably inescapable), I didn’t mind them so much in themselves – and I always found Esther ending up with whoever was there after a horrible day of death and feeling dumped by Maca for weeks quite comprehensible – but I minded the execution. The original cheating plot that was written for Maca sounded much more convincing. As it was done, I winced throughout the affair with Vero, not for the affair in itself (rules of soap…), but for the casting of someone who was blatantly miscast for the intended role (which wasn’t her fault). I know that many people saw chemistry between Vero and Maca. I didn’t. I just saw acting on PV’s part going to waste – and imagined how much more layered that whole affair could have been if they had cast an actual actress opposite her.

      Perhaps it’s also because I didn’t watch HC for the sex (little that there was). There are enough shows and movies for that. I watched for the slice of relatively normal lesbian life (helicopters aside) that is far more difficult to find when it comes to media representation.


      1. Wow that’s interesting. Where did you learn about an “original cheating plot that was written for Maca…” and “the intended role” of Maca’s cheating partner? I do not have any insight into this. I just watched the Maca-Vero affair as it was presented.


        1. I read it over at the FBFC, the girls over there are a veritable goldmine of inside knowledge! 🙂

          The “intended role” (clinic psychiatrist) is open knowledge – in my opinion, C.C. didn’t pull it off convincingly, partly due to her age and partly due to her lack of prior experience in acting (again, not her fault, but T5’s). If they had simply made her a resident, or a recurring patient, it might have worked better (again, in my opinion).

          The original plot – the cheating storyline was planned before T5 suddenly hired C.C. and they basically “needed to put her somewhere” – revolved, if I remember correctly, around a young figure skater, which I found more intriguing.


  9. Disasterous ending, that’s the word.
    The writers are well aware of how iconic this couple has become, and I don’t know whether to regard them as cynical, cruel, or whatever. But to put this phrase in Claudia’s mouth saying that Maca and Esther deserve a better ending, and then have them break up like that… I don’t know what to think. So they don’t deserve to part without having said goodbye properly, but they DO deserve to end up breaking up, and in the way they did, each one on a different side of the ocean? WELL THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
    As someone mentioned above, they destroyed Maca’s character, I don’t understand what has happened to her, it doesn’t make any sense. I could even understand her being scared to death of such a drastic change in life, though Maca should be more confident than that, but not her giving up Esther and the kids…
    by the way, their three kids have been virtually nonexistant throughout the seasons, disappearing from sight the moment their birth episode was over, but on this last episode their absence surpassed the all previous levels or rediculousness – WHERE WERE THEY? one of their mothers leaving the country on her own, the other at work, none mentioning a babysitter or anyone else being with the kids in the meantime. Who are the kids going to live with anyway? a SMALL detail that didn’t come up AT ALL in all the discussion of the break up. oh yeah, when Maca said that Esther was the most important part of her life, she mentioned the kids as well. but apart from that she seems to have forgotten about them. Should we conclude that the kids stay with Esther without any of them exchanging a word about the subject??

    Maybe the next two episodes with Maca will contribute something to rectify all this, but nothing will erase the fact that on the last moment they shared on the schreen, Maca and Esther were parting in tears and not walking together towards the sunset – THAT is what this iconic couple deserves, nothing less!


    1. yes, was baffled as well at the absence of the kids. Especially that they didn’t even mention where they would be living. It looked like “Nico” (Esther’s son in the first few episodes) all over again!


  10. Further comments on M&E.

    In my case, I stumbled upon Maca and Esther at about the same time Anik did [their wedding, 2005 if I’m not mistaken]. I think I have rewatched hundreds of times clips from YouTube, especially the ones from seasons 8 to 10.

    My favourite one [as already said]: the couch scene. IMHO one of the most sensual lesbian scenes I ever watched, and there was no kiss at all! 😆 And Maca’s state of mind, lying on the couch and touching her forehead and nose, in distress, almost perfect!

    Maca and Esther characters meant [and still do mean!] a lot to me. I was having a rather hard personal time at the moment I began watching their clips and their love story [a fairy tale, indeed! 😉 ] encouraged me to write fiction again. I will always thank them for that, at the risk of looking too silly and naive on this point.

    On the storyline, I completely agree with Anik’s comments. I think I personally “got free” from their actual plot when Esther cheated on Maca. First breaking point. Second breaking point, Maca and “la jarrón” [Ms. V.Solé]. I kept on watching HC and Maca and Esther just for the sake of … chatting and discussing with my spanish friends and… cursing the dammed writers and producers!!! 😆

    I think much of the success is due to the two actresses playing M&E: Patricia Vico and Fatima Baeza. They made M&E real, lovable and desirable. I cannot hide I’m mostly Maca’s fan; that “insanely atrractive” PV-playing-lesbian-M made [makes me?] me “nuts”.

    I think we spanish-speaking lesbians should be grateful to these two characters [and these two actresses] for helping make lesbian relationships “visible” and “normal” to large TV spanish-speaking spectators. They could [can] see we are not freaks, not scary, somewhat different but largely the same as heterosexual couples. We work, have families and laugh-cry-live-suffer they same as they do. And that’s a huge goal, isn’it?

    Last, but not least. One of the writers [G.Z., in his blog,] has finally agreed with the fans’fiercely criticism on M&E plots. He says:

    [question] ¿Cómo valoras hasta donde puedas decir toda esta evolución final de la relación entre Maca y Esther?…

    Creo que construímos una estupenda pareja romántica en clave de género. Que eso funcionó de maravilla. Siguiendo la trama adelante hubo que mantener esa historia de amor, pero ya no podía ser una cosa de ensueño (Ahora, con cierta experiencia, quizás el desafio habría sido intentar precisamente eso, ver un matrimonio unido en cualesquiera otras luchas,


  11. @ Hi everybody

    After being absent for a while , and having right now my lunch in a pleasant restaurant , I decided to post something.

    I started watching the show when season 9 was being aired. I could see how Esther and Macau met, the evolution of their relationship, the marriage , its fall, everything .

    My compliments to Fatima Baesa and Patricia Vico, which performances and preparedness to embrace dificult characters, for sure provided us, the audience , rare moments of excellent dramaturgy .

    But I stopped watching it a year ago, when HC got stuck , with no excuses, with no ecplanation to its loyal audience.

    Like Rai Due did to Terapia D’Urgenzs, HC was interrupted . And thats it.

    Too sad the way we audience are treated, manipulated . The audience is not the lonely loser. The lack of respect with experienced actors and actresses seems to be a trade mark now a days.

    At the very moment we decide to seat in front of a tv and dedicate our time to watch a show, it’s expected it has a beginning, the development of the story and an end. I am not talking that it’s necessary a happy ending . But there is, indeed, the need of and end.

    Therefore, the lack of respect with the audience, and I include myself in this group, makes me feel totally unmotivated to watch HC’s end.

    Which season is being aired now? 17? 18? 19?

    Maybe 20?

    I don’t care. I will never will.

    Respect is very nice, and I like it!!

    Hugs and kisses from sunny Brazil



    1. Selma!! SO glad to see you!

      The airing gap in HC was another thing that probably broke the show’s neck – it’s Season 19 at the moment and apparently, a three-part finale with familiar faces is being planned as the end.

      If I had still cared about the show (they’ve always been sketchy with airing times), this gap would have been the final thing to drive me away, but since I stopped caring after Cruz left, I just wait patiently (something I trained on a certain Italian version of the show…) and watch the scenes of “las niñas” and that’s that. Everyone around the M/E fandom I’ve spoken to has given up on the show ages ago and will stop watching once Maca has left the sinking ship.


      1. Hi Anik

        The 2011 has started with the velocity of light for me. My life runs at 300000 km/s.

        I have been busy putting in place projects that had to need a break due to my issues.

        I’m also busy with the preparation for a short vacation in Europe. 🙂

        It’s always nice to come once in a while to mess your blog. 😉

        Jokes appart, I’m glad FNC has been back to make us happy, keeping us in touch and the blog is open for new readers. I’m extremelly happy to see new visitors here .

        Very happy, indeed!!

        A big hug to you



        1. i love it when selma comes around with a pirassununga 51 😉 cheers!
          and i agree completely with desrespecting the viewers – the majority of us make and break a show – that’s how it should be but unfortunately it didn’t happen with tdu, pepsi or m&e…


    2. Yes, I can relate to shows betraying their audiences. I will watch shows, and thanks to the internet, I do not need to have a TV to do it, but I get fed up with stereotypical portrayals of lesbians and ‘sweeps week’ hyping of the more sapphic aspects, only to realise that of course, the lesbians portrayed are: Getting pregnant, waiting for the right man, bi-polar, suicidal, married, or whatever cliché portrayals. I have no idea about this show being discussed, but your comment brought to mind a bunch of shows just quickly that toyed with their audiences, only to disrespect them and mess it all up.


    1. hello,

      since my Ph.D: exam and defense were pushed into May/June (the expertises were late), my deadline with the agent for my novels moved to Aug. 1st. Until then, I’m editing.
      After that, things depends on the time and opinion of the agent.

      Thanks for your interest!


  12. I googled the show after I saw it on youtube and i found your site. I have been watching HC on youtube from season 8. I now know how Maca and Esther had their first two children, so where did the third child come from and who got an amnesia? I was curious and still have been watching clips on youtube but I don’t speak Spanish.


    1. Their second child had health issues, hence they decided to conceive a third with Raúl as a donor, the child then cured child #2 via bone marrow donation.

      Esther suffered from amnesia for a while after a crazy recent ex threw her out of a window.


  13. I watched some episodes with subs some without, only started watching few weeks ago. I love it don’t watch anything else. Maca, Esther, Vero but there is one more caracter we should not forget Claudia. What a friend. Just one request where can i watch from season 8 to the last season when Maca leaves please with english subs.


    1. @Sangeeta: of course, Claudia, and then there is also Cruz, who should never have left that early…!
      Since I watched the show in Spanish, I’m afraid I’m not an expert on the subtitled clips – they were all on Youtube, but the TV channel raided heavily around the time time of Season 16/17 and had most sources pulled.
      The girls at the Fatima Baeza foro (good English speakers) might know more if you ask over there. Good luck!


  14. Hi… all

    I just started watching HC M/E on You Tube since last week

    Surprised, Right ?

    Till now I have never watched any non Indian Series on Laptop as we have 1000’s of serial dramas going on Indian Hindi Channels day and night

    And I’m not at all a series person as they loose its storyline and charm in few weeks, I rather prefer to watch Reality Shows

    Have watched few of English series on Tv such as Bold and Beautiful, Friends, Etc… and I’m keen on watching A Good Wife also

    But somehow cant get time from daily busy schedule, right from Family to Work to Social to… I just wanted a break from this routine

    I started watching different series on YouTube since last 2 months and that too to add some spice in this monotones Life… Hee Hee Hee… It Sounds silly, Right ! But I somehow feel that “somewhere we all are lost in changing our self the ways others wants us to be”

    Being Indian and Staying in India which is a very Conservative, Traditional and Society Fearing Country… to watch such things (Les Planet Stuff) will also be crime if someone comes to know… I hope I never get caught, Silly

    Coming back to track… I started watching M/E from season 8, I guess that’s the entry of Maca and friendship of Esther n Maca starts from, Right

    I watched season 8, 9, 10 and 11 on YouTube with just high lights of each episode squeezed in approx. 10min, I’m on season 12 where Esther gets pregnant, but all the episodes are blocked or deleted (I don’t know why ?) from Washing machine scene of Esther and Raul (I hate him) and straight away it shows 1 episode where there’s some landslide in Hospital and Esther gets stuck and while checking her injuries Cruz finds that she is pregnant and Esther does not want Maca to know about this. Can anyone send me link of inbetween episodes or tell me what happens between those 2 episodes… Pls Pls Pls

    And after that it straight away shows Esther joins back and Maca knows about her pregnancy and their differences… I would really like to watch inbetween episode with English subtitles… Please send me link or if anyone can telkl me what happens inbetween…

    I’m waiting


    1. hi madhvis, always good to see someone else who is enjoying Maca & Esther!
      I’m soory, but I don’t have any links at the moment (it’s been a while, and mine don’t work any longer), but for the synopsis, perhaps the English section on the Spanish foro, or the old English forum could help out?


  15. But do you know the brief story of inbetween episodes… how does Maca comes to know that Easther is pregnant and how she reacts !!! I would like to know that


  16. Aahh… Just cant understand Spanish… I tried on link you gave but its so very difficult to understand Spanish… need to learn basic Spanish asap… Meanwhile can you please send me link of their life after wedding… specially their how Maca took a flight and went for Honeymoon and return, till they join work, pls pls pls… I will be waiting… pls


    1. as far as I know, there are no scenes of the honeymoon – it starts with them talking about it when they are back at work already.


      1. Ohhh, is that… ok thanks then… will continue watching it from there. .. thanks so much for ur time fr such an old series… whats new n good is going on at present… which is intresting n worth watching !!??


        1. out queer or subtext?
          Rizzoli & Isles is about to start again, Once Upon A Time just wrapped up a rather heterofied season.
          There’s the new season of Orange Is The New Black, Faking It just wrapped up its first season, there is always Lost Girl (as always, impressibly diverse)…


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