White Shirt Monday: Frock It Up

[Girls, Curls, Frocks:  Anne Murray (Serse) and Yvonne Kenny (Romilda) in Handel’s “Serse”. Production by Nicolas Hytner for ENO, London 1992 – Photo Credit: Volker Gebhardt’s “Frauen in der Oper”, Munich 2004, S. 20]

Fine, so you can’t even see the white shirt because of the (white) jabot, the (white) jacket – extra points for the flower prints – and the (white) pants. Then again, whenever there’s a chance to impersonate a slighly maniacal emperor in a flower print frock, go with it. Especially if you’re allowed to have that kind of hair. – When it comes to Baroque garb, gender really seems nothing more than a semantic difference.

14 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: Frock It Up”

  1. LOL, I think it’s the whole ‘layers of curtain fabric’ to get through that provides the erotic frisson… good wrapping always builds a suitable excitement about the present! And thank you for reminding me of a really great ENO production and the fantastic Anne Murray.


      1. I confess that I’ve always had a thing for Christopher Robson, ever since I laid eyes on his delicioulsy evil Polinesso in the David Alden “Ariodante”. Another fine ENO production, luckily caught on DVD.


      2. Hi everybody – I think some of you might like this: thanks to wonderful „Servus TV“ 30 minutes of the Vienna Alcina can be enjoyed in some parts of the world. I hope it can be watched everywhere though, but if not please do not blame Servus TV – they are a fabulous private TV station in Salzburg, doing a lot for culture though they make their money with something else, I assume:


        Please click on „Neu in der Mediathek“ next to the Kleiber photo.
        Enjoy !


        1. @Bergerchef Thanks to your link (and the lovely folks at ServusTV) I’m now feeling a little more connected and a little less exiled from opera. ServusTV works in Vietnam!


  2. You are all very welcome! Since I am not really a fan of Da Capo Arias I did not notice the Vienna Alcina can be watched via Youtube, too. Thus the Servus-show is not that spectacular, but anyway: YES, Anik: it is definitely a radio station to keep on the radar, and it is quite extraordinary that it is a private one. They have a small but really smashing team in their arts section. Tu felix Austria!


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