Friday Night Conversation: Friends Will Be Friends

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Inspired by a suggestion of one of the Friday Night regulars and due to an encounter taking place this very weekend, let’s contemplate friendships and pay tribute to the people in our lives that stay while relationships may come and go.

Or perhaps they’re the ones who keep our relationships on track with their advice and their honesty.

They know the worst of us, and yet they stick around.

They’re the ones with whom we want to share a room and a hot young nurse when the time has come for “Shady Pines”.

So… do you have friend’s you’ve known “all your life”? Was your first sandbox pal a boy or a girl? Have you met friends online and then the friendship has transported offline, too? Are you still friends with anyone from school?Β  What is it that your friends love most about you? Do you have a “best friend”? And what’s the craziest/most memorable thing you’ve ever done for or with a friend?




36 thoughts on “Friday Night Conversation: Friends Will Be Friends”

  1. I will post more tomorrow night about online friendships but for now i’m very happy to say that i share a flat with one of my closest and best friends and that was also the reason why it took me so long to move in with her – i wanted this friendship to last for another 15 years and i thought that no one living with me can still be friends with me… well, thank god i was wrong πŸ˜‰ it’s good to have your best friend and your worst critic in one person. plus my best hiking buddy. and she cooks for me, yay! what i cherish most about this particular friendship is that she knew the loved-ones i have lost. i don’t know why that seems so important to me but it is.
    i have done a lot of crazy things for and with my friends and one thing they all seem to enjoy is coming around for a visit in the village, go for a hike, walk around the lake, sit in front of the oven and listen to music – i have to thank my great-grandparents for choosing such a special place to build their house 100 years ago with so much love that it still feels like holidays to spend time there. and i’m happy that my friends also like to sit in the kitchen of our shared flat in the big city, sharing food and drink. so i guess my friendships always have to do with food and music and traveling πŸ™‚


    1. Yvonne, funny that you should say your friendships always have to do with food, music and travelling. Mine seem to be all be like that too even though my travels have only been close to home so far! There is nothing like having friends over and sitting in the kitchen eating the food that they have so lovingly prepared!


      1. yay, this is sooooo true.
        come on over terry, there’s always room for you too. the invitation for a prosecco aperol is still standing should you ever come to germany πŸ˜‰


  2. @ to Everybody!!!

    It’s me, Selma, coming again for one more appearance!!!

    Most of you don’t know that I’m not in Brazil today. This is the first time I post in this blog, while being in Europe.

    Yes, that is it!!!! I’m in Aberdeen , Scotland , after spending the last weekend in Belfast, Northern Ireland!!!

    After my health issues last year , I decided to visit friends that provided me so much support during the most difficult moment of my life .

    I started visiting friends that live in Scotland, and the next week , more precisely tomorrow, I will meet my friend ‘A’ and, this Sunday, my friend ‘B’.



    Who are ‘A’ and ‘B’ ??????


    So far, all I can say is that they are readers and post regularly in this bloG

    Tomorrow , ‘A’ and I, we will post together. You will have a text written via 4 hands….

    Sunday I will meet my friend ‘B’ . If ‘B’ does not mind, we will also put in place the same idea!!!

    Now I’m comfort to tell you that this trip was conceived with the idea of meeting people that did not measure any effort to help me face my disease, and tell them how much I appreciate all help received.

    It would not be fair to say that it ends in Europe. Actually I also received many support from North America, as well.

    One thing at the time and, hopefully , I will visit all that were and have been by my side.


    You will hear from me tomorrow!!!

    Selma, direct from Aberdeen , Scotland.


      1. @ to Rain

        Oh, yes!!

        How distracted I am… πŸ˜‰

        I should have fixed that . πŸ˜‰

        It is getting really funny!!!!

        Tan – tan – tan – taaaannn….suspense…

        ( Alfred Hitchcock would like it)



    1. I will get back later with more on this topic. I just want to say though, that I and my closest, dearest and best friend have been together for 30 years (I say that because we have been through a lot together and she has been there for me and I have been there for her – Together longer than some relationships)! She knows everything about me and I know everything about her.
      I could go on but I think that I made my point!


    2. Selma, I can only guess….but I am a great detective! I look forward to reading your post written with 4 hands!


  3. Hello hellooooooo

    Hey, ‘C’ !!!

    I’m missing you in this encounter !!!
    Go, buy your air ticket!!!!

    We are waiting for you !!!



  4. obaaaaaa!
    finally – we had some caipirinha!!!! saude!

    Now I’m broadcasting from Yvonne’s house, the character A I had mentioned before.
    I’m having a very pleasant night at her appartment with her friends and we are having the traditional and so expected caipirinha.
    All of this is happening thanks to Anik who put us together more than a year ago. You guys have no idea how much fun we’re having here. Too sad we cannot post the pictures taken so far. But knowing me as you do you can imagine what I’m talking about… Have in mind that I’m talking via Yvonne’s hands on the keyboard (because I can actually use ALL of my 10 fingers on a keyboard whereas Selma, well, too many Caipis I would guess…)
    Now me, Character A, I like that new nickname, Selma, ok, waiting for you at the airport was quite exciting and I still can’t believe that you actually will have dinner with my friends in our kitchen… Such an online friendship that became a BIG friendship offline is precious! sorry guys we have to go, my librarian is ready with our dinner!!!!
    and food always comes first… πŸ˜‰
    maybe more later if we are still sober… πŸ™‚


  5. sounds like a great party over at yvonne’s house, perhaps we should all head over there for a couple of truly Brazilian- mixed caipis! πŸ™‚


    1. Hi everybody

      this is selma speaking now…

      Yes, the `A`pesron is Yvonne and I am at her appartment now.

      We had caipirinha at first and her friend , the librarian`s boyfriend asked for more and I was forced to make more for him, too.

      Yes, you are all welcome here and I promise you more news for tomorrow, because I will meet the Β΄B Β΄person as well, from another country in Europe.

      Tchau everybody…

      I definitely need to go to bed…There is a long journey tomorrow.




    2. hey anik, there’s still half a bottle of pirassununga 51 and cane sugar left – the only thing you need to bring is lime πŸ˜‰
      or take the cachaca just with honey as ambassador selma does…
      i took her to the airport and i guess she is just changing planes again to get to her next destination… suspense…
      you know, meeting a friend you had been talking to for months now on skype and realizing that she is just the same in person, sitting at our kitchen table, chatting away with my librarian as if they had known each other for years, complimenting the food and making sure she will be cooked for the next time she shows up here, is one of those situations you want to pinch yourself to make sure this is for real. the www and especially eye bags rock!


      1. @ Anik

        Yes, there is half a bootle and I cannot foresee for how long the level will be kept in 50%.

        I fear it won’t take too much time. πŸ™‚

        Come fast !!

        It’s my pleasure to make a caipirinha for you !!




  6. I have a few very close friends that I have known for at least 13 or 14 years now. They have changed my life and made me strong by believing in me.
    I will write more later. My daughter wishes to watch the Care Bears. So after she is asleep I should be back.



    ME AGAIN!!!!

    I’m broadcasting from Amsterdam , now. I have an inconvenience of 5 hours for a layover in Schipol airport.

    I will leave it at 1:00 pm headed to my final destiny.

    Miss ‘B’ will be there to pick me up in the airport . And, then, I will broadcast again !!!



    To nessa!!

    Kisses broadcasted from Amsterdam !!!!!!!!


    1. I better get myself over to Schiphol quickly then, if I still want a chance of that pirassununga…

      Travel safely, Selma, I hope you’re having a continued great time!


  8. @ everybody

    I’m finally in my second and last destination.

    Here in Helsinki , sat in front of me I have Rain.

    We met yesterday, but we were very occupied experiencing Helsinki by night and totally forgot to post with the closing of this saga.

    I would like to say that my staying here has been fantastic, we both are very happy after meeting each other . πŸ˜‰

    Soon I will be back to Munich , where I will meet Yvonne again for some German adventures and I will fly back to brazil .

    Bye everybody . I’m very busy now.

    Kisses ,

    Selma & Rain


  9. @ Everybody

    It’s me, Selma , for a last post.

    After a few days in Helsinki , visiting museums, enjoying typical food, staking (oh , this was absolutely fantastic , totally unexpected , when Rain and I met an outdoor rink – it may sound obvious, but in Brazil, rinks can only be indoor for obvious reasons ) and waking and learning about the city, I’m on my last step of my journey.

    I’m in Munich , now, with Yvonne.

    We have outdoor and indoor activities for this weekend and, tomorrow evening , I must fly back to Brazil.

    Besides the 754 pictures taken so far , the souvenirs bought, the wonderful places I visited and lots of history learned, I will take with me the generosity, hospitality, smiles and laughters of all those that managed their vacation schedules and/ or days off to expend with me.

    This is priceless. Simply priceless.

    There are no words able to translate my gratefulness to them.

    I’m at this moment in Yvonne’s village, laying in my warm bed. It’s a sunny morning and I can hear birds outside.

    A big, huge hug to you all.



    1. Well, I for one enjoyed playing host to you in the city of my birth. I saw it with new eyes, and while I had not been there for the better part of 5 years I did not get us too lost I don’t think.

      I enjoyed every second and I have also enjoyed following your journey across our old continent, (Europe).

      Really, I must get my ass to Brazil and experience the sunlight and delights of the new world with my own senses, versus through stories and pictures and I just can’t wait.




  10. Is there a mobile version of this site? I mean for those of us still in the bronze age and with dumb phones, versus smart phones?


    1. I’m not sure, since I’m still living in the pre-smartphone age, as well – not sure whether WordPress offers mobile versions, but I’ll check with the support forum.


      1. Okay, that works. It’s not gorgeous, the interface, but it works and loads for those of you who have dumbphones. Just load the main URL or the URL of a conversation and off you go. πŸ™‚ Good. This would have been useful while I was in Helsinki and also while I am doing other things as well. πŸ™‚


        1. ah, if only we could ask for gorgeous in all things!

          Glad to hear it does its job; let’s hope they upgrade it at some point (the smartphone version looks sleeker (of course), but I’m not about to get one)!


        2. I just upgraded my phone from very basic dumb-ass phone, to one that does a lot more, but still a dumb phone.

          When they make a smartphone that I can drop into a lake and that my dog won’t damage too easily, then I might get one. πŸ˜€


        3. Hey Rain, I dropped my smart phone in a pot of boiling water by accident. It worked for a bit after it dryed out then went kaput! You should just keep the dumb one. Smart phones are cool though!


  11. Well I am back for a little while. I seem not to be able to keep up with anything anymore.
    I figured I would start out by saying that my first friensd was a girl and we were five or six. She was french and I used to love watching her and her mom talk. I ususally had no clue what was being said. But it never stopped me from staring. She had the longest name even still that I have ever heard. I am not sure if I could even spell it write.
    My friends now I have met in fifth and sixth grade plus one that I have known since I was nine. I still talk to them all and they help me through all my problems as I try and do the same for them. I call a friend of mine who lives in Pittsburgh everyday for at least two hours. She tells me that she doesn’t mind my venting but enjoys listening to me. I was in her wedding just last September. There are five of us that stick together and live between 12 hours to a half hour away from eachother. Another friend of mine is getting married soon and than it will be just me left. The single mother just waiting for life to happen!
    What I love about the girls is that they support my decision and don’t judge me but help me along the way. They “know” me more than my family does and we are closer in every aspect that a family should be.
    Well for now I must go but I will try to get on again soon.


    1. nice to see you check in again, Cerise!

      I think as a single mother, you’re living life in its full intensity more than anyone else. It’s amazing that you’ve had such a close circle of friends for so many years already, sticking together even though some of you live at great distances from each other.

      My first friend was a boy (with a very attractive mother that my kindergarten self was crushing on), gentle and with hair like wheat bleached in the sun. I never saw him again post kindergarten, but I still have very fond memories of him.

      From high school, only two friends survive (both men, one gay, one straight). All the others are from university, or I met them via writing or music or LGBT volunteer work.


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