White Shirt Monday: Black Vest Intervention


[Anja Harteros. – Photo Credit: Marco Borggreve – pro ópera, cover Jan/2011]

When tha dieu (who in turn credits Definitely the Opera) sent me the interview that Anja Harteros gave in Mexican opera zine “pro ópera” and asked for a “TuxVest Monday”, I – once I regained my capacity of speech – couldn’t find a single reason not to do so.

Fine, so it’s not a role portrayal, least of all a White Shirt one, and it doesn’t feature a mezzo-soprano.

But on the other hand, look at all the White Shirt-ish elements: pin stripes! Shoulders! Arms! A vest! And did I mention the pin stripes? I think the pin stripes count twice.

Thanks, tha dieu (and DtO)!

7 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: Black Vest Intervention”

      1. no, somehow Ingrid Haas forgot *that* question in the interview 😉

        Mostly it’s about technique and repertory.


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