White Shirt Monday: Accessorize

[Laura Polverelli as Pergolesi’s Flaminio, Jesi 2010 -Photo Credit: Polverelli’s website]

While gearing up for this year’s “Capuleti e Montecchi” live chat spring bash (can we make this an annual thing?), here’s a reminder of last year’s Romeo from Liège  (currently subbing in Munich, too), Laura Polverelli.

Polverelli has a homepage via Opera Live, the folks behind last year’s Liège White Shirt binge. I wish they’d video broadcast more operas and from other houses, too! Apparently, they’re into singer websites too – as far as I understood it, they set up a website template that singers can sign up for, à la “your home at Opera Live”. A good idea for the many singers who simply can’t shell out the money for a web designer on their own, and I don’t really understand why there’s only Polverelli present so far.

Many singers are in need of a website and a template home to fill with content is still better than no home on the web at all. Otherwise, I’d never have known that Polverelli starred in Pergolesi’s underestimated ” a mezzo between THREE sopranos” White Shirt opera “Flaminio” last year.

And what do we learn from this? If you wear the right hat with your white shirt, you get the intentions of three sopranos instead of just one.

…paging the Munich costume department…

9 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: Accessorize”

  1. Polverelli will sing Maffio Orsini to Gruberova’s Lucrezia Borgia [ Donizetti ] on BBC radio this Thursday. The recording was in Vienna last year. Details in a post at my place tomorrow….. now we can all have a mind’s eye picture!


  2. wow! i almost didn’t recognize Ms Laura, after that disastrous outfit they put on her last year in Liege… i didn’t realize, it’s nearly a 1 yr anniversaire indeed, white shirt spring bash woohoo, can””t wait


    1. For some reason the idea of White Shirt Spring Break is making me giggle- less Dinah Shore Palm Springs, more Adrianne Pieczonka Salzburg Coffee House…?

      ‘Course Christof would have to be in charge of the White Party…


      1. “Adrianne Pieczonka Salzburg Coffee House”
        Where do I sign up?

        sounds much more interesting than “bikini top/boxers clad drunk dykes in a row of pools” anyway. Not to mention the musical choices…! And never mind the countertenors, anyone who looks decent in a white shirt is welcome.


        1. Oh shame, poor VK is down with pneumonia – no I Capuleti… stand in is young Irish mezzo from the Studio, you never know… after all it’s how VK herself started!

          Anyway here’s hoping she gets better soon, and that the VK-loving Bavarian opera gang aren’t too distraught!


        2. Pneumonia?
          Good Lord.
          One can only wish for a restful recovery. – the same goes probably for the Bavarian VK gang!

          Meanwhile, I vote for giving the young Irish mezzo a chance. You never know indeed!


        3. Well Handel only knows we loves us some VK goodness a very great deal round white shirt land, but nothing is worth compromising one’s health over and pneumonia is a nasty thing that can easily get even nastier. Much as I know all of us with tickets would dearly love a chance to hear her Romeo, well hey I’d much rather have her singing for many years to come. And, well, a new VK will be born one of these days so indeed… go Eire!!


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