Mezzo Aplenty: “Orlando” in Paris

[all clips with thanks to ]

Look, it’s Romina Basso looking fierce and Philippe Jaroussky wearing tons of blue ’80s eyeliner – what could go wrong on a Vivaldi night like this?

Jaroussky-heavy (does anyone mind?), but with quite a few mezzo, contralto and soprano glimpses, JaRoWi1647 has posted three clips from the MEZZO broadcast of last Friday’s Vivaldi “Orlando” in Paris. – Thanks, JaRoWi!

Long tresses and glum-colored dresses seem to prevail in an Audi production that doesn’t exactly scream inspiration, but with that cast, I can live with it (does anyone else feel strongly reminded of the Losey-Giovanni wigs?). I just wish I didn’t have to squint into quite as much darkness to make out Romina Basso strutting by with a sword at her side.

Also, behold Lemieux:

And contralto, strike three: more Kristina Hammarström

Fingers crossed for more clips surfacing!



9 thoughts on “Mezzo Aplenty: “Orlando” in Paris”

    1. aahhh, basso with a sword, i’m in love 😉 (need to find a clip with her singing!)
      Hammarström in shirt + vest + boots + sword and deep voice, ahh… i off now to youtube to hunt down MORE clips of this mezzo-contralto festives (and a synopsis to figure the story line and who is who…)


      1. if you manage to hunt down more clips, please tell!

        Can’t wait for some non-recit singing from Basso… the storyline is Orlando vs. Alcina, rather convoluted (basically, two unrelated Ariost episodes blended).

        One string of the story is about Orlando (Lemieux) in love with Angelica (Cangemi) who is in turn in love with Medoro (Basso) and loved by him in return. Orlando returns to glory in the end, the lovebirds sail off into the sunset. And Cangemi is one lucky soprano, if you ask me.

        The second string is about Alcina (Larmore) and her ex Astolfo (Senn), who is still pining after her, while Alcina is head over heels in love with Ruggiero (Jaroussky), until his fiancée Bradamante (Hammarström) shows up to de-enchant Ruggiero and win him back.

        And there was much pretty singing and rejoicing. 🙂


  1. “Alcina ingrata”–Larmore does give her character the full Scarlett O’Hara/Designing Women Southern bellezza, and it does work. Maybe somebody will take the hint and stage baroque opera in Tennessee Williams mise-en-scene someday. Something to imagine at least, when the new Ariodante CD comes out.


    1. for the Williams centenary, that would be the only appropirate way to go, now that you mention it 😉 We still have 8 months of 2011 ahead, let’s see what directors come up with!


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