Mezzo Rising: Tara Erraught

[Mezzo Rising: Tara Erraught – Photo Credit: operaklub debreven on Picasa]

Time for another entry in the “Mezzo Rising” series, due to the sad fact that Vesselina Kasarova has had to pull out of the first four performances of “Capuleti e Montecchi” in Munich (opening night this Sunday, March 27th) due to pneumonia. Best wishes for a restful recovery!

Kasarova being out means another budding mezzo getting a chance, and despite sadness and regrets over the missed VK Romeo, let’s try not to shoot the messenger understudy.

Which leads us to Tara Erraught, a young Irish mezzo who has steadily worked her way up the ladder in and out of Munich these past few years.

She has been a member of the studio at Bayerische Staatsoper since 2008, where she headed a production of Rossini’s “Cenerentola”. Since this season, she’s a regular ensemble member at Bayerische Staatsoper where she appears as Giannetta in Donizetti’s “Elisir” and as Cherubino in “Le nozze di Figaro” – and on Sunday night as Romeo in Bellini’s “Capuleti”. She also starred in the DG-recorded Munich production of Ravel’s “L’enfant et les sortilèges”.

What got her on the Eye Bags radar: having to sub for Kasarova as Romeo in the new Munich “Capuleti” production.

Vocal Assets: listen for yourself – “Nacqui all’affanno” from Rossini’s “Cenerentola”

White Shirt Factor: 5 out of 10 so far, but pending until Sunday – I could only score a white turtleneck photo so far (see above), but Erraught radiates a no-nonsense confidence even when wearing flower prints that could be extended into a Romeo-ish swagger.

Pants or Skirts: so far, both seem an option.

Video/Audio Evidence: see above

Website: still in need of one.

Future parts: there’s definitely more coloratura and belcanto Rossini in her future, probably a Mozart Dorabella or two. I couldn’t find any Baroqueer repertory yet – would she try Handel? Or Vivaldi? Another option might be heroic belcanto a few years down the road.

Next chances at a live impression: listen in this Sunday evening at 7 p.m. (GMT+1) when BR live broadcasts the “Capuleti” opening night.

Further info: There’s a biography on IMG Artists, her ensemble info with the Bayerische Staatsoper and – re: floral prints – a (German) interview with the Merkur that she gave around the Ravel production.



5 thoughts on “Mezzo Rising: Tara Erraught”

  1. Well it took even the goddess herself a while to get to Handel, for now lots of Mozart would serve very nicely as a barometer on both the baroque and the white-shirtery scales! And even a short stint in Romeo’s pants (err…) should be a pretty good pointer too.

    I can only imagine how utterly terrifying it must be stepping into VKs boots…. in Munich of all places. I hope those Bavarians are nice to her. But, well, steel can only be forged in a fire…


    1. And when it comes to steel and fire (and Guiness), I do have an innate trust in the Irish… having to out on those boots alone requires quite a bit of confidence already.


  2. The name Erraught apparently derives from Ó hOireachtaigh – [ Anglicised = Enright] which in turn is derived from an adjective meaning “holding of frequent assemblies” ….. sounds promising for her!


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