Mezzo Well-Wishes

[Kasarova as Sesto, Munich 1999. – Photo Credit: Bruno Rauch: “Welche Wonne, welche Lust…” Zurich 2001, p. 100]

Before the White Shirt Extravaganza takes off, let’s take an hour to pay tribute to the mezzo who gave this event “extravaganza” status in the first place, Vesselina Kasarova – who unfortunately has had to cancel the first four performances of this new production’s run due to pneumonia.

The President of the Kasarovian Republic, Smorg, has decided to send a respectful dispatch of well-wishes to the recovering singer and asks for contributions, so feel free to add your well-wishes in the comments or mail them directly to Smorg or me to have them included.


3 thoughts on “Mezzo Well-Wishes”

  1. (having trouble coming up with words after seeing that picture. My.)

    Dear VK — Sending you best wishes for a good recovery. Please take good care of yourself as you heal, your fans want you around for a long time! Love from Denver, CO.

    You can include my real name, Anik.


  2. Dear Vesselina, a warm wish of restful and timely recovery to you. I’ve recently discovered you and hope to have the opportunity to hear you live in the many years to come. From Boston with love. -An


  3. Dear Ms Kasarova,

    I’m disappointed that I won’t experience you as Bellini’s Romeo. But your long term career and health is more important! Please take care and get well. Other fans and i will catch up later.

    Best wishes from Riverside, California,
    Edith Vestera


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