White Shirt Monday: Pages of the Caribbean

[You and me and, yo-ho, a bottle of rum, savvy?” – Jack Joyce DiDonato (Isolier) and Diana Damrau (Adele) in Rossini’s “Comte Ory”, New York 2011. – Photo Credit: Marty Sohl/Metropolitan Opera]

This Saturday the MET HD Live program broadcasts the matinée performance of the new “Comte Ory” production (times: 1 p.m. ET, 7 p.m. GMT+1) to cinemas across the planet.

A mezzo page and a tenor vying for the attention of the soprano – with the page winning out – should be worth the 27€ the event costs over here. Diana Damrau and Juan Diego Flórez star with Joyce DiDonato, who’s White Shirt performance did already win over the test audiences in the dress rehearsal (see report at La Cieca’s).

[Not the Captain of the Flying Dutchman? – Joyce DiDonato as Isolier, New York 2011. – Photo Credit: Marty Sohl/Metropolitan Opera]

I’m not quite sure how the pirate boots and leathers figure into the whole story, but I’ won’t be complaining. Arrr, matie! More screenshots, including the one above in higher resolution ond bigger size, over at the Met Archives.

See you on Saturday with a fine bottle of Cuban at the cinema of your choice!

[This White Shirt Monday was scheduled two weeks ago, so let me point out that in the meantime, towanda beat me to it and wrote a blog entry on “Comte Ory” with slightly different photos choices – hope over to her place for another impression!]


6 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: Pages of the Caribbean”

  1. I saw the dress rehearsal too. She makes a very, very fetching boy. I wanted to run away with her almost as much as Diana’s Countess Adele did. Going back for the matinée this Saturday I think.


  2. it really was good…the story is really dumb, but the shenanigans are hilarious. And JDD is one hawt page! One thing, change the photo tag to 2011 (not 2001)


  3. To me the above photo shows that Joyce is channeling her inner Roberto Alagna, from the sticky long locks (even the same color) to the swagger (they’re both SHORT) and leer! It even looks as if Joyce is holding a beer-can (she wishes). Having seen opening night (and listening to the finale right now on SIRIUS) I can vouch for the joy of this romp – a great respite from Wagner (but one has to have time for him as well, even without girls dressed as boy pages and all that). I’ll be at HD and two or three more performances. Slurp – er, evviva Rossini!


  4. ach, i’m too old to’ve learned binaries. all i know is that this year has a FEAST of 1 in its dates: 1.1.11, 1.11.11, 11.1.11, etc. At first i thought you might be joking about a male being a 1 and a female a 0, so what’s a woman playing a man, or a man dressed as a nun in an opera. What an entertaining world we make for ourselves. Thanks, as always, for your site.


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