White Shirt Monday: Isolier vs. Isolier

[Laura Polverelli as Isolier, Pessaro 2009. – Photo Credit: via Polverelli’s website]

Still in a good mood from Saturday’s “Comte Ory” broadcast, I stumbled across another Isolier – Laura Polverelli in 2009 at the Rossini Festival in Pessaro. I didn’t hear it, but Polverelli gets extra points for accessorizing (the Fedora!), the pure and simple White Shirt (including open buttons) and the classic sleeve roll.

Then again, there’s DiDonato’s take on this particular page… extra points for leather, boots, accessorizing (the soprano!) and verve!

[Joyce DiDonato (Isolier) and Diana Damrau (Adèle), New York 2011. – Photo Credit: Marty Sohl for the MET]

…is there any other Isolier that you’ve heard/seen and would recommend?

9 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: Isolier vs. Isolier”

  1. These Isoliers seem as rare as hen’s teeth!

    Have not seen or heard so no recommendations. May be an opera/musicals crossover mezzo.


    1. From her bio, I’d say she’s a classically trained mezzo, but also does some musical. – Nice tank top call, Eyes! 😉


    1. MacLaine, yes, though Moreno also channels some Baltsa there… 😀
      while Polverelli — oh, my!

      Thanks for the link, FF!


  2. Dear opera-addicts,

    Once in a while it *might* be good to notice that opera isn’t everything ;-).
    Thanks to Queen Beatrix visiting Berlin there is a free of charge concert tonight
    in the „Digital Concert Hall“ featuring the great combination of Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra
    Amsterdam, fabulous Mariss Jansons and violinist Janine Jansen:

    http://www.digitalconcerthall.com/en/concert/2747 ( please note the extra service of the
    time zone converter on the BPO’s page )

    Well, people knowing me a bit will not be surprised to hear that IMHO nobody conducted
    Brahms 4 like Carlos Kleiber did and I assume even Maestro Jansons would agree with this
    but his version for sure will not be bad either.

    Well then: Dank U wel , your Majesty and Good save the Queen 😉 !


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