White Shirt Monday: Suit Up / Dress Up

[Bejun Mehta (Didymus) and Christine Schäfer (Theodora) in Handel’s “Theodora”, staged by Christof Loy, Salzburg 2009. – Photo Credit: Monika Rittershaus (a world of wonders at her website)]

Last week, the White Shirt Hausgeist of Christof Loy dropped by with the news that the Salzburg Theodora will finally be released on DVD.

After the event was initially slated for summer 2010, Presto Classical now names a fixed date with April 26th. The DVD isn’t listen on Arkivmusic or Amazon yet, even the Salzburger Festspiele themselves don’t have it in its “recent productions on DVD” listing yet.

Fingers crossed that the release will indeed happen as proposed because there can never be enough of Christine Schäfer, more so in a white shirt, or of Bejun Mehta (litte red dress included).

8 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: Suit Up / Dress Up”

  1. Hey Anik, please check the link for the bigger and better photos — can’t believe nobody has noticed that before me! — something seems to be wrong there. The homepage comes up, but that complete, huge URL throws an error.


    1. Sorry about that, the Salzburger Festspiele have removed material; now the link should take you directly to the homepage of the photographer.


    1. interesting (and highly amusing) read by dto – thanks, towanda!

      [Sorry about the posting low; I’m currently curing a sinusitis, but I should be back to regular rhythm soon.]


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