White Shirt Monday: Page Me

[Christine Schäfer as Cherubino in Christoph Marthaler’s “Figaro” production, enchanting Angela Denoke’s Contessa and Christiane Oelze’s Susanna, Salzburg 2001. – Photo Credit: Volker Gebhardt’s “Frauen in der Oper”, Munich 2004, S. 61]

As a general rule, I’m against sopranos singing Cherubino. Anything that can be cast with a mezzo and with a lower, sexier sound, should be cast with a mezzo. There’s enough soprano repertory out there (and far too little contralto repertory, which in turn gets overcast with mezzo voices, but that’s an issue for another day), so when it comes to Cherubino, no thanks.

And then there’s Christine Schäfer, who is possibly the smartest, foxiest and most credible Cherubino in recent years. I’ll make an exception for Schäfer (in pretty much anything, in fact). Repeatedly.

Schäfer has revisited Cherubino in Salzburg in Claus Guth’s 2006 “The Almavivabrooks” staging and will make a guest appearances (next to singing Konstanze and Violetta) in Thomas Langhoff’s “Figaro” staging for Berliner Staatsoper in early 2012.

Also, I want that t-shirt (and I hope it does come with the adoring soprano gazes included).

3 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: Page Me”

  1. Smart: in the Metropolitan’s HD Hansel und Gretel, during the final celebrations, Schäfer dips her finger in the chocolate and draws on Alice Coote’s lederhosened Hansel a little toothbrush moustache. And the story turns inside out. The audience, seeing something they recognize, laugh with pleasure. So smart it hurts.


  2. Hi, i’m coming out from the permanent lurk mode to say that I will be at the Berlin performance of Le Nozze next year – where Christine Schaefer is again to play Cherubino. I am overjoyed, as you can imagine. She absolutely stole my heart in the Salzburg 2006 Guth production.


    1. welcome around, faceofboe! It’s nice to see you delurk.

      Lucky you, with that 2012 Berlin date! The 2006 production worked incredibly well.


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