White Shirt Monday: Je vais braver le trépas


[A hug to all the White Shirts! – Vesselina Kasarova as Gluck’s “Orphée” (as if I would need to reiterate this…), München 1999. – Photo Credit: Volker Gebhardt’s “Frauen in der Oper”, Munich 2004, p. xx]

For the week, I leave you with this photo (click to triple enlarge for further contemplation across your screens), since I’m going to be Southwest on a congress and a half and while there will be a lot of clay shards in preparation for my defense (Mission Butterfly Net has been successful thanks to your efforts!), there will most likely be no internet.

For some fun in the meantime, try your hand at Eyesometric’s quiz of the same subject matter (link to her blog in the right-hand column) and enjoy the last entries of the Mahler festival over at Arte Live Web. – Alla prossima!


3 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: Je vais braver le trépas”

  1. Gorgeous image, Anik, and thanks for the link … there have been some interesting thoughts from White Shirts trying their hand. Watch out for those clay shards!


  2. Ahhh. Looking at this I have no trouble sympathizing with why it so troubles Eurydice that s/he wouldn’t look at her! xD Consider me hypnotized, Anik! 😉


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