The Writing Desk: a work in progress

For all those of you who stop by here because of the fiction (and not because of the opera or the recipes), I’ve tried to make things a little easier and opened a new section called “The Writing Desk”.

It is still a relatively new desk, so it is a work still in progress. Basically, instead of following the “writing” category and tags, you can head to the writing desk for an overview of what I’ve done and what I’m working on.

It’s a page where I have listed my past (and, to follow, present and future) works of fiction. In addition, all the stories that are currently available online are also hosted on the blog as of today – they remain on var[title], too – for easier access.

The only ones missing for now, since I didn’t get around to it yet, are the edited version of “Dare” (Marina/Esther), and “Quando m’en vo”, which has a few typos too many for my liking. I’ll put up a note every time a story goes up or down.

I’ll also continue blogging about new projects and the editing progress (all of July, I’ll spend editing the scripts of “Small Steps” and “Campus”, to figure out whether I have a shot at publishing them), but if you want an overview of my fiction, you’ll find it at the Writing Desk. You can access it via the image in the sidebar and the title image above this post.

I’m also working on a sketchbook section with insight into my drawers on the Writing Desk: projects that are still waiting to be written, projects that didn’t make it out of planning stadium, scraps and extras of the bigger novel projects.

Right now, the next thing on the fiction project list is editing my existing novels for possible publication, followed by a new story project, although I’m still undecided on which one of my drawer I should take on next, or whether I should develop something completely new. You will be the first ones to know, right here.

9 thoughts on “The Writing Desk: a work in progress”

  1. Thanks Anik, this new section is so very thoughtful of you! I recognize I got drawn to your blog beacause of your writings, but afterwards you got hooked to your opera comments and your recipes as well…, hummm, yummy! 🙂 I just didn’t realize how much I was missing.. 😉


  2. Love it! I’ve read and re-read Campus so many times on your old site, as well as Quando m’en vo. I look forward to seeing Campus published. One question for you Anik, are Eliane and company going to be a 2nd book with the changes in the Institute lurking?


    1. I don’t know yet – but I’ve purposefully left the door open for a sequel. In case “Campus” does well in publication and there is interest in another volume, I could see myself writing another book on these characters.


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