White Shirt Monday: Gloves & Towel

[So… who is the White Shirt here? Anna Bonitatibus as Nerone or Vesselina Kasarova’s Agrippina? – Handel, “Agrippina”, Zurich 2009. – Photo Credit: plotpoint/picturesberlin]

Contemplating the power divide between Nerone and Agrippina and its gender implication would make for a lengthy and interesting post. Or we could simply appreciate those collarbones for a while since I doubt anyone would be listening to me…

9 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: Gloves & Towel”

  1. Rewarding my diligence at having cleared all but the non work stuff from my inbox with a little lunchtime White shirt catching up (been way too long) and what a lovely ‘welcome back’! Thanks Anik as ever you know just how to catch the eye of a passing, err, opera admirer

    Now off to see what the rest of the gang have been up too before a final push on Project Inbox Zero…


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