Double Mezzo Alert: “Cendrillon” at Covent Garden

[Who’s the White Shirt now? Trouser role regulars Joyce DiDonato (Cendrillon, in skirts) and Alice Coote (Prince Charming, in pants) try if the shoe fits in Massenet’s “Cendrillon”, London 2011. – Photo Credit: Bill Cooper/ROH]

As reported already by Eyes and Intermezzo, Convent Garden live broadcasts its current (and first ever) production of Massenet’s Cinderella version, “Cendrillon”, at everyone’s favorite radio station BBC3 tomorrow night, July 9th.

The broadcast starts at 7.45 p.m. (GMT+1) here (HD listening available in the UK).

The cast is a White Shirt Death Match MTV couldn’t have dreamed of in its wildest days, with Joyce DiDonato as the high-heeled heroine Lucette, Alice Coote as Prince Charming – a role DiDonato tried out on her Diva/Divo album – and the incomparable Ewa “force of nature” Podles as the evil stepmother.

Can I please take them home all three? Though I fear that much mezzo swagger would not fit into my modest apartment.

Betrand de Billy conducts, radio listeners will miss the staging by Laurent Pelly (who did the splendid Minkwoski Offenbach stagings and also ROH’s latest “Fille du régiment”), but still get the full mezzo/contralto power. – Brush up your French and see you tomorrow night!

6 thoughts on “Double Mezzo Alert: “Cendrillon” at Covent Garden”

  1. Embarras de richesse:
    Starting 45 minutes earlier, Coote will be singing Handel:
    (listen at,5,28)
    GMT 1700
    Dejanira Alice Coote
    Hercules Eric Owens
    Lichas David Daniels
    Iole Lucy Crowe
    Hyllus Richard Croft
    CONDUCTOR: Harry Bicket
    STAGE DIRECTOR: Peter Sellars

    Since the Cendrillon is from Covent Garden, it’s likely the BBC will keep it available from the Web site for a week. WFMT does not usually provide replay, but Lyric Opera performances are widely syndicated, so this may well turn up again over the next fortnight.


  2. I can confirm it is indeed on good old iPlayer for 7 days – just as well with everything there was to watch/listen to last night!


  3. Ohhh, thanks fitzfulke…. a double helping of Alice Coote for this week…. actually just had a check on Hercules and couldn’t see when they might play this again…. anyone in the know when it might be broadcast next?


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