White Shirt Monday: Charming

[If only the Prince Charmings of the fairy tales had looked like this when I was a kid… Alice Coote as Le Prince Charmant in Massenet’s “Cendrillon”, London 2011. – Photo Credit:  Bill Cooper/ROH]

From Orlovsky to Prince Charming, tail coats remain a classic of the White Shirt Repertory. And how often do you get a mezzo and another mezzo (in admittedly soprano-ish range, but von Stade did it, too, so there) as the happy fairly tale couple? “Cendrillon” is a gem for many other reasons, too, but this one always makes me smile.

Those who missed Saturday’s live broadcast from London due to soccer world cup obligations can still listen in and replay the event on BBC iPlayer for five more days.

8 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: Charming”

    1. thanks for the review, Eyes – she’s got my vote for Dame (and after this performance, for “Sir”, too 😉 ).

      I really wish I could have seen it, the staging as described in the commentary sounds enchanting.


  1. oooh… great review there for Cendrillon and fantastic that Alice Coote is getting so much appreciation.

    Check out Yankee Diva’s Flickr pictures for some great behind the scenes photos…

    I think the production is being filmed and in the UK is being shown as part of BPs Summer Big Screens Relay – http://www.roh.org.uk/whatson/bpbigscreens/index.aspx….. so will probably be available at some point on DVD.


    1. that’s good news for all those interesting in “expressive shoulderblades”. Thanks for letting us know!


      1. Please will it give a clue how we can see Clemenza? It’s on Mezzo but I don’t think it’s available in Britain. WHY????
        There seems to be talk of a DVD. Mind you I’m still waiting for Poppea from Barcelona so I won’t hold my breath.

        Keep up the good work Anik and congratulations on the PhD.


        1. Yes, WHY???
          Good question. as far as I can see, it’ll only be viewable in France, Germany and Switzerland. But since it is broadcast on Mezzo, it’s at least possible that a kind soul like e.g. Oedipus makes it available on YT.


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