ArteLiveWeb: Beaune vs. Aix

When it rains, it pours.

Or how else can it be explained that ArteLiveWeb is finally airing some festival footage and summer opera, but puts it all onto one overlapping weekend?

First up tomorrow night is “La Traviata” from Aix-en-Provence with Natalie Dessay in the title role (starting at 9.30 p.m.). Along for the mezzo factor: Sylvia de La Muela as Flora, a part that, like a mezzo friend once told me, “tends to stick to you like gum to a heel”. Apparently, it’s Dessay’s EU debut in the part in the staging of Don Kent.

Right at the same time – 9.30 p.m. (GMT+1)  — why, ArteLiveWeb, why? –, there’s also a live stream from Opéra Lyon with Adrian Noble’s Santa Monica set “Così fan tutte” (=sopranos and mezzos in skimpy bikinis). Tenor crush Daniel Behle sings Ferrando, which is why I must see this, Tove Dahlberg (one more for the Swedish mezzo list!) is Dorabella, while Maria Bengtsson stars as Fiordiligi. I correct myself: it will very blond, very beautiful sopranos and mezzos in bikinis. – In fact (and on a rather shallow note), you could switch back and forth between the Sweden-France World Cup Game and this Così and would see beautiful Swedes everywhere. Some of them have killer quads, some can sing opera. Oh, the choices!! Bengtsson vs. Landström – just what shall I do with my Saturday night?!

Choices might be even more difficult on Sunday, FIFA World Cup Finale aside: ArteLiveWeb is streaming “Aci, Galatea e Polifemo” from Aix-en-Provence, once more at 9.30 p.m. (GMT+1), while at 9.00 p.m. (GMT+1), the Beaune live stream with Ann Hallenbergs “Farinelli” solo program starts, accompanied by Christophe Rousset and Les Talens Lyrique.

Hallenberg vs. Wambach, Rapinoe and Sawa: my Sunday choices aren’t any easier. I just hope that ArteLiveWeb stores the streams for at least a week (I’m not sure of this, the live events can be one-time-only), or I’ll be zapping all night between killer coloratura and a killer header or two.

What are your weekend choices?


22 thoughts on “ArteLiveWeb: Beaune vs. Aix”

    1. you’re right, it starts 5 p.m. (I thought it was 9 p.m. both nights).

      Great, so it’s Landström first and Bengtsson afterwards! 😀


    1. if it got streamed, it wasn’t on ArteLiveWeb, but perhaps regular Arte (the geoblocked one), they cover quite a bit of Beaune this year.

      @FF: yes, that’s a good one. Stored on my hard drive ever since I discovered Romina Basso last year (Oedpius really is a godsend!).


  1. Sweden 2, France 1, and from here, Traviata looked like an own goal. Dessay seemed to be doing reprises of her Zerbinetta, her Olympia, her Lucia, even striding around at moments like Marie. While the Beach Blanket Bingo had pace and teamwork and made falling in love look a lot more attractive.


  2. oy, my ability to navigate German site has limitation… I got as far as “die liveuebertrangung ist beendet. in kuerze finden Sie hier die auffuehrung als mitschnit… ” . Could you check if one can find replay of these (for example Traviata) somewhere?


    1. FF is right, that’s “the live transmission is over. Shortly, you’ll find here the recording of the live transmission (as a stream on demand)”

      I hope they follow through with it, so far, none of the live transmissions of yesterday have made it to stream-on-demand status.


  3. If you prefer, the site is available also in French; there’s a link to that in the upper right corner, below “ARTE Pro.” Traviata and Cosi are both described as available soon, as recordings, so there’s good hope.


  4. it was a fantastic concert 🙂 as were the other two in Beaune this weekend – you’ll get a report soon…


  5. I found, by accident, a video of a concert version of Cephale et Procris,

    a French Baroque opera by a woman composer, Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre, who has been rediscovered. I’d never heard of her, and I’m listening to it now, so I don’t know how good it is compared to other operas,but it seems important. Unfortunately, the website says the vid is only avaliable for one more day..


  6. Oh, never mind…the opera is by another composer named Antoine Gretry. De la Guerre composed an opera of the same name. However, this one is very pretty and worth listening to, and hopefully there’s something of hers on youtube.


    1. yes, the Grétry is lovely and has been online for more than a month, I think. Nearly forgotten today, but the most popular composer of opéra comique in his day. Now to restage some De la Guerre, THAT would be interesting..


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