White Shirt Monday: Byronesque

[Lord Byron Sesto (Sarah Connolly), still  in discussion with Carmen Gianattasio’s Vitellia, Aix-en-Provence 2001. – Photo Credit: Festival Aix-en-Provence]

Is anyone else not quite yet over these boots and this waist coat, either?

While we’ll miss the swagger of the video stream, don’t forget that tomorrow there’ll be plenty of aural swagger and fine Mozart singing during the live broadcast of this “Clemenza di Tito” on France Musique on July 19th on 9:30 p.m. (GMT+1).

8 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: Byronesque”

    1. yes, we talked about that last week (also about the HD live streaming in Swiss and French cinemas), but many of us don’t have Pay TV accounts, so no MEZZO – unfortunately!

      I’m really looking forward to the radio broadcast, though, despite being another one of those die-hard Kasarova/Röschmann fans! 😉


      1. Ah! at times like this I finally see the point of paying for ~300 channels I don’t watch, and only one I do watch regularly 🙂


  1. “Deh per questo” on You Tube – Arashi. Whoever you are, thank you. It’s so wonderful. She says so much with a tiny gesture or expression.


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