White Shirt Monday: Boots, Boats, Princesses

[She loves me, she loves me not: Anna Bonitatibus (Sifare, White Shirt) and Patricia Petibon (Aspasia, rubber boots) in David Bösch’s new reading of Mozarts “Mitridate” for this year’s Munich opera Festival – Photo via BR online]

Anna Bonitatibus is back in a White Shirt (thanks to Lang to pointing out the overdue). Also, are these cargo pants? Who gave Patricia Petibon pink rubber boots and who is sailing away on the MS Principessa?

Bonitatibus’ naturally high tessitura allows her to tackle the soprano castrato part of Sifare (last heard in Salzburg 2006 taken on by soprano Miah Persson), the prince fighting with his brother (as evil Farnace: Lawrence Zazzo) for princess Aspasia (Patricia Petibon), a woman actually engaged to the father of them both (Barry Banks). It’s like soap opera, but with lots of coloratura.

The bad news is: we missed the live radio broadcast (it was on the 21st). The good news is: Anna Bonitatibus in a white shirt. Obviously!

3 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: Boots, Boats, Princesses”

  1. hic, the countertenors are taking over on your side of the ocean too? will we ever hear the likes of Kristina Hammarström as Farnace again? sad indeed we miss it, i’ve _never_ heard Bonitatibus full recording before… (oh wait, i think she was the one killing the rabbit 🙂 )


  2. Insightful (as always) review is up at I Hear Voices.

    @td: It’s mixed over here, you get mezzos cast as well as counters, in merry Baroque “who cares?” fashion. If the voices are like Mehta’s, I can’t complain much from a musical point of view, just from a White Shirt point of view. 😉 But Hammarström would be a nice call. Perhaps some festival makes it happen?


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