Mezzo Alert: more Connolly from Catalunya

[Sarah Connolly (Nerone) and Miah Persson (Poppea) in in Monteverdis “Incoronazione di Poppea”,  Barcelona 2009. – Photo Credit: Antoni Bofill, via musicweb]

Avis just alerted me to the fact that the taped broadcast of the 2009/2010 Liceu “Incoronazione di Poppea” (Sarah Connolly as Nerone, Miah Persson as Poppea, Maite Beaumont as Ottavia – all three of them stellar!) will be on TV this upcoming Sunday, July 31st.

So all of us that are hoping for a DVD release can now also hope for some kind soul to tape this TV broadcast and upload parts of it to YouTube.

The TV channel airing the performance belongs to the Catalan TV channel group (Canal3), which does have a livestream option, since it promotes the Catalan language and culture. This access, however, doesn’t apply to all contents, and I don’t know yet whether the Liceu broadcast will be available, or whether it is under copyright (which might apply when it comes to a DVD release).

Either way, those of you interested in finding out can do so on this Sunday, July 31st, as of 10.45 p.m. (GMT+1).

THe subchannel of Canal3 you need is the channel 3|3. The livestream access to Canal3 can be found here. To access the subchannel, use the “Canals” menu on the upper left, and select “3|3” from the menu. If it isn’t listed, expand the menu by clicking “tots” at the lower end of the canal sidebar. If it says “Emissió no disponible”, there are copyright issues and no internet livestream. Or we get lucky and the performance starts playing. The resolution is pretty good, full screen available, I only had slight audio trouble when I tried to access content to test it.

I really hope we’ll get to see this – addio, Roma, and addio, higher brain functions!

[Maite Beaumont as Ottavia in Monteverdi’s “Incoronazione di Poppea”, Barcelona 2009. – Photo Credit: Antoni Bofill (via musicweb)}

8 thoughts on “Mezzo Alert: more Connolly from Catalunya”

  1. This has to be due a DVD doesn’t it…. I would just love to see the wonderful Maite Beaumont as Ottavia…. after hearing the live radio broadcast. I did actually make a recording of the radio broadcast (not very good quality) and play on loop ‘Diprezzata Regina’. Would love to actually see this scene….


    1. Thanks for this tip Mary. A strange production but wonderful singing, and a quite extraordinary portrayal of a psychotic Nerone …


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