White Shirt Monday: Back to Basics

[Every white shirt, before becoming a white shirt, was once a piece of white cloth. In this case, an extremly lucky piece of white cloth. – Vesselina Kasarova as Handel’s “Agrippina”, Zurich 2009. – Photo Credit: plotpoint/picturesberlin]

Sometimes, the wearer makes the shirt, and not the cut. There are mezzo sopranos who could lend an empty potato sack some shirt swagger. Or a bathing towel (as evidenced above).

I know we revisited this scene (or rather the scene after this one) only scant few weeks ago, but as in tango, the basics should be revisited often and with great attention to detail. – Deltoids, anyone?


14 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: Back to Basics”

    1. Well as I recall “Handmaiden / Slave to an Opera Godess” wasn’t mentioned as a career option in school . It jolly well ought to have been !


  1. Exactly so. I shall write to the Minister of Education forthwith and perhaps we can change things for the new WS generation.


      1. Still thing the most hilarious thing I have ever seen in an opera house was the sight of VK being carried off stage on the (stunning) shoulders of that guy while rocking her ornaments to the rooftop. Camp as Christmas and then some.


  2. So rarely get a chance to meander through the groves of whiteshirtness, these days but when I do I always know there will be a delightful vista or three to amuse, or stimulate, or bring back happy memories… or in this case, all three. Happy days. Can’t believe I got to see that not once, not twice, but thrice.

    I really can’t understand why there is no DVD. The world ain’t exactly dripping with Agrippina videos!

    Thanks for the Juditha Triumphans catch too. Had missed that. Looking forward to watching.


    1. “I really can’t understand why there is no DVD. The world ain’t exactly dripping with Agrippina videos!”

      Hear! Hear! Guess we have to hope for someone to leak the house tape of that show a few years down the road, ay? 😉 Good to see ya’ around, PM!


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