Beaunetiful: Mezzo & Contralto Double Alert


[If you thought that Latin, Bible-based oratorios automatically exclude some sizzling White Shirt mezzo/contralto flirting, think again. – Delphine Galou (Holofernes) and Ann Hallenberg (Juditha) in Vivaldi’s “Juditha triumphans”, Beaune 2011. Conductor in the middle: Federico Maria Sardelli]

ArteLive Web continues to share its Beaune bounty of 2011. The Vivaldi “Juditha triumphans” starring Delphine Galou as Holofernes, the bad boy lusting after the virtuous widow Juditha (Ann Hallenberg) is up for your general and un-geoblocked White Shirt enjoyment on the corresponding website.

Of course Juditha only agrees to meet Holofernes for a date to later behead him, but that still doesn’t cut out the flirting. And as far as lesbian drama goes, well, just read “beheading” as a metaphor for “overly processing ex-girlfriends at inopportune moments” and you’re all set. Add a female -casted supporting cast and the energetic and differentiated reading by Sardelli – I last heard him with Handel, but now I think that I like his Vivaldi even better – and you’re up for one very enjoyable evening.

Also, if I were 14 again, I would definitely be crushing out on Galou. Hot damn!

A word on the side regarding our very favorite YouTube channel, OedipusTyrannus: If you’re quick, you can take home the evening for good here (nicely sorted and with playlist – thank you Oedipus. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!), but be quick. Oedipus had also uploaded the Hallenberg Farinelli extravaganza (still up on ArteLiveWeb and do not miss, if for the encores alone!), but that got taken down by ARTE within less than 24 hours. In light of recent news of coloraturafan2’s much appreciated efforts of bringing us poor MEZZO-less folks the Aix-en-Provence “Clemenza” with Connolly getting thwarted, “be quick” bears repeating.


2 thoughts on “Beaunetiful: Mezzo & Contralto Double Alert”

  1. A good way to be quick is to subscribe to Oedipus Tyrannus’ channel; YouTube will send you emails reporting each new upload.

    Galou….makes me feel 14 again. Everything you said about her in 2009 is even better now. Maybe think beheading as in Salome?


  2. Thanks for the alerts, Anik! 😀 What would the White Shirt Republic do without you?

    On the youtube front, they sure are taking down uploaders like crazy. If you post any clip with any music in it nowadays it automatically gets tagged with copyright notice… even if it is your own performance! 😛 One of these days I’ve gotta mirror my channel or it’ll just disappear one day and I haven’t got all of the music I posted on it anymore.


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