White Shirt Monday: Salzburg

[Soprano aboard the Love Boat: whatever Julie advised will probably work out… Genia Kühmeier (Contessa) and Katja Dragojevic (Cherubino), Salzburg 2011. – Photo Credit. Adnreas Haunold via der-neue-merker.eu]

The Cooking Scientist and my-friend-the-dramaturg are back from Salzburg, raving about “Figaro” and, above all, about Angela Denoke in Marthaler’s take on “Vec Makropulos”.

The not quite so lucky rest of us do at least get the White Shirt image galleries (new Figaro cast captured by the imcomparable Monika Rittershaus here) – and Katja Dragojevic, in case you prefer brunettes to blondes, as this year’s Cherubino.

(Sorry for the bout of absence, I changed internet companies and had some deadline issues to boot.)

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