Mezzo Alert (urgent!): Poppea from the Liceu, all yours

[Sarah Connolly (Nerone) and Miah Persson (Poppea) in in Monteverdis “Incoronazione di Poppea”,  Barcelona 2009. – Photo Credit: Antoni Bofill, via musicweb]

No, the DVD isn’t out yet, but those of you who didn’t manage to catch one of the reruns on Catalan TV lately, rejoice (and those of you who didn’t tape that, but would have liked to, rejoice as well):

DtO just put up a post announcing that the ENTIRE production is up on YouTube (many thanks for catching this one and writing the alert, DtO!), thanks to . Head over to DtO’s for further details.

After our recent experiences of “Clemenza di Tito” getting pulled after a few days, I advise you to start downloading NOW, before another wondeful Connolly night is torn from our grasp again. And need I mention a sultry Miah Persson and an altogether stunning Maite Beaumont on top of it? (Well, not on top of Ms. Persson, but feel free to add a Poppea/Ottavia twist to your next “incoronazione” staging if you have one coming up)

The musical quality is outstanding. Do not miss. The wait for the DVD may still be long (if those plan come actually ever to fruition)!

Heartfelt thanks to MrsTLeighton for her work.

5 thoughts on “Mezzo Alert (urgent!): Poppea from the Liceu, all yours”

  1. I did say last week…It’s all there but in 23 files so it might just escape being pulled.
    I must have blanked out the full horrors of the production but the music and acting (when they were allowed to act) got me through.


    1. I’m sorry I didn’t catch that, Mary, it’s been a bit crazy over here as of late, especially with the online hours.

      All of Oedipus stuff is up in parts, and his uploads often get pulled, too, so I’m still wary – but hoping this one will sail under the radar!


  2. Ooooh my chance to see Maite Beaumont as Ottavia….. I quickly sought out the clip.. number 5. Ahhh! It just reaches in and rips your heart out. Ah, just love it…. Fast forward to A Dio, Roma! (21) – sublime….. We need to hear more of this Spanish mezzo….


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