White Shirt Monday: From Russia With Love

[White Shirt Stance: THIS is how it’s done.- Vesselina Kasarova rehearsing in Moscow, Sept. 2011. – Photo Credit: tha dieu via this clip]

Fine, the jeans are a nice touch, too, but how many mezzos can pull off jeans and that swagger stance together with a sheer shirt? Not many.

tha dieu sent me the photo a few days ago, tagged with “White Shirt Monday”, and I couldn’t agree more.

Meanwhile, Kasarova’s recent Mowcow appearance, including rehearsals, concert footage and a city stroll, continues to keep the White Shirt blogosphere atwitter.

Most of the clips can be found at the YT channels of Denis ( and (sadly, not related to the Lachevs). For a comprehensive list and translations (thanks to Arashi), head over to Smorg’s place – if only all republics could rely on their president the way the Kasarovians can rely on Smorgy!

(On a side note, posting schedules should be back to normal as of this week. I’m relocating to winter quarters tonight and will only have my next set of deadlines and the start of the new opera season to tend to for a while.)

9 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: From Russia With Love”

  1. Hallo Anik! Thanks a bunch for kind words and link, matie. I think it’s a VK effect where she drives us fans so giddy that we have to share her with others or we’d explode, really. 😉 I’m sure glad she has that effect on Den!s, too!!

    Hey, so the weather is definitely turned for the cooler for the rest of the year there now, ay? Here in So Cal I’m afraid September – early October is our hottest time of the year. This week is looking quite nice, though. I like seeing rows of 70’sF as high temperature on the extended forecast. 😉

    G’morning PM! 🙂 Maybe I should try VK’s outfit. I showed up at a Mormon evening concert thingy last night in white dress shirt & jeans and I think one of the cute gals singing on the stage mistook me for a boy… It was surreal. :p


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