White Shirt Monday: Stances

[It’s a stance thing: Vesselina Kasarova, photographed for Opernwelt in 2008 – Photo Credit: Opernwelt 2008]

This was the photo originally slated for last week’s WSM (before tha dieu sent over Rusian goodies). And apropos Russian goodies: Smorg has dug up this documentary collection on Medici.tv. So far, the new season looks pretty Kasarovian!

The old Opernwelt copy fell into my hands a few weeks ago, when I was forced to pack up and store away most of my apartment for the moment – I still managed to put at least this photo onto the scanner, the other photos and the subsequent article will have to wait until quieter moments in more ample living spaces.

Still, it’s nice to be remembered of proper stance now and then, be it on- or offstage (with offstage photos of course being just as staged). Don’t ask me about the shoes, but I really like the pants, too. And the hands in the pockets, of course. Fledgling trouser mezzos of the season (I hope to cover a few over the run of it), take note and learn.

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