Living Arrangements

What do you do when you are forced by circumstance to pack up most of your beloved CD collection (small excerpt featured above) and store it out of sight and out of immediate reach?

Other than ripping until the the drive gives up and feeling very, very lost? I am under the impression of suddenly lacking nearly 25 years of my live.

There’s just shelf space for the “most important” ones now – one Figaro (Troyanos), one Rosenkavalier (Dame Kiri), one Orphée (von Otter), one Giulio Cesare (Mijanovic)…

8 thoughts on “Living Arrangements”

  1. I would love a Brennan but too pricey for me and it would take me months to load my collection of over a 1000. and yes I’d miss the pictures too.


  2. What is happening, Anik? A sudden move is never good news. I’ve been thinking about you since you mentioned it in the previous post, hoping all will be back to normal in no time.

    (Instead of digitizing your admirable collection, have you thought of renting a storage garage–to which you can return with a key whenever you want–or moving some of the boxes to a friend’s basement or attic or their garage or shed? I am not a fan of digitizing, maybe because I never take my music out with me when I go out, the listening is always reserved for interiors, and the city to be enjoyed on its own terms)


  3. being tight in space from all my moves and living arrangements, i thrice did stupid thing by taking all the cd’s out and stacking them in several spindles and threw away all the covers! Now i still stack them but stored away the covers somewhere… not a very easy way to keep track of your cds i know, but could be an option for you Anik, as long as you guard (and pack) the various spindles carefully during all moves. (yes i now only carry around 5 spindles of cds + dvds…)

    good luck with manuscript editing too! spindles + small pair of speakers + laptop in tight winter quarter = cozy and comfort (may be a small ws picture on the wall too) 😉


  4. Oh Anik, I just know that I NEED my music all the time. I could never just pick a few — just having to decide on those would kill me. (That’s why I’ve been ripping my CDs for the last 6+ months…) I’ve lived through similar situations like yours, but I would never have made it without my music. One of the fastest ways to deal with this — and I so wish I were back in Germany right now, because I have a whole boatload of those things — is to move your CDs into one of those “CD Taschen.” Warum schreib ich Dir eigentlich auf Englisch?! Force of habit, I guess. Such mal bei eBay, oder frag in Deiner Bekanntschaft rum, vielleicht hat ja jmd solch ein Teil. Viel Glück!!


  5. Even if I could afford a Brennan, I think I would still miss the sight of all those backs and the covers and booklets and the bigger boxes of the opera recordings… one day, in a bigger place, I hope to have them around me again. 🙂


  6. I feel with you, I can’t imagine to put my whole music away! I just wanted to start to comment somewhere in this blog, I really love it 🙂 I have my own now, not on wordpress though (about women and opera, as yours, except for the white shirts and that I’m probably a bit younger than you..) Keep going, it’s different than so many other blogs and pretty cool 😀


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