Mezzo (recording) Alert: Kasarova’s Romeo for €14,99

[Back on the market: the definite “Capuleti e Montecchi” (at least in my book)]

Fine, so it is lacking the great cover art of the original edition, but the relaunch also clocks in at less than a third of the original price, at least at German retailer Zweitausendeins (interpational shipping, website German only *sigh*), which is currently selling the “Sony Opera House” edition for €14,99. Three disks of finest Bellini belcanto with a healthy side of vocal White Shirt swagger. Although perhaps that should be the other way around…

Either way (and just because I don’t think anyone will mind the repost), who wouldn’t want to own something that sounds like this?




7 thoughts on “Mezzo (recording) Alert: Kasarova’s Romeo for €14,99”

  1. Oh still the only Bellini opera I can take in one sitting, and this recording is just perfect. Such a shame they have such crappy new artwork. If they didn’t have rights to the originals I’m are some of those Munich production shots along with a little photoshopping of the soprano would have done nicely. Very nicely.


    1. not sure about international shipping/customs, but this way we’re settled on both sides of the pond, thanks for the alert! 🙂


    2. ? Do you know some secret code? Please do share it. Because, following your link, the original recording currently costs US$42.95, and the version that Anik is talking about above (the one sans original artwork) is to be had for US$22.72 — that’s quite a bit more than those US$12 you mention.


      1. oh, you didn’t see the link to the “used” versions? Let me see if I can link it here.

        Anik, there are travelers from US to europe and vice versa, i’m sure we can sort out easily shipping/customs internally 😉


  2. Amazon uk – £19.95 £1.26 (shipped airmail from NY) original artwork.
    Presto classical – £15.50 £1.50pp – naff artwork.


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