White Shirt Monday: Hands! Hands!

[What’s the No. 1 opera that allows a White Shirt mezzo to have their hands all over generally not just one, but two sopranos?]

Mozart’s “Le nozze di Figaro”, of course! – There has to be some reason why this is my absolute favorite of favorites, after all; demonstrated here in the recent reopening of the 2009 Staatsoper Hannover production directed by Ingo Kerkhof, courtesy of Ania Vegry (Susanna) and Monika Walerowicz (Cherubino).

Rolled-up sleeves: check.

Hands on: check.

Soprano not protesting: check.

In case you’re traveling through Hannover (recently crowned Germany’s noisiest city, though I’m not sure it’s related to the opera’s “Ring” production), remaining play dates this season are Sept. 30th, Oct. 3rd and Nov. 26th.

4 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: Hands! Hands!”

  1. Well, many things to recommend Figaro as greatest opera but interactions between Cherubino and the ladies are certainly among them.


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